Ms Rachel Davies


With 20 years on the graphic design team, I have honed the Moving Image teaching programme, developing it from TV ident production towards diverse and hybrid moving image practices; drawing on documentary, music video, promo, experimental film and immersive installation. My emphasis is on concept and craft over technique, and collaboration over authorship whilst my own practice and continued professional experience informs my teaching philosophy. 

Moving image is an ever more relevant part of a graphic designer's portfolio and the boundaries increasingly fluid and I believe a fledgling designer needs to have a working understanding of context and style in order to fully exploit the devices of the medium in a sophisticated and original way.

In order to find new ways of telling old stories to audiences numbed by information overload, we take cues from artists' film and the avant-garde and apply them to contemporary and future-facing situations. 

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer / Graphic Design / Moving Image


  • MA (RCA) Animation
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught


I am an international award-winning filmmaker with 25 years of experience. My work spans creative documentary, immersive interactive environments, artist's film, theatre / dance collaborations, and TV promo.

With a background in Fine Art and MTV, my work is human, collaborative, creatively and technically innovative; engaging a wide audience in response to a range of social, cultural and aesthetic situations. My films are in international collections and have been screened and broadcast in festivals and on television around the world.

I employ both seductive and distancing devices and a collision of media to engage and gently challenge audiences within personal and human stories. I hone the communicative possibilities of collaboration and filmic hybridity within screen and/or live settings, embracing new and interactive technologies. Dissemination is within an intentionally broad context from art film cinema, theatre to primetime television broadcast. 


Number of items: 27.

Book Section

Davies, Rachel and Saul, Daniel (2020) Chandini (A Bride for the Moon). In: Earnshaw, Rae , Liggett, Susan , Excell, Peter and Thalmann, Daniel, (eds.) Technology, design and the arts : opportunities and challenges. Cham, Switzerland : Springer. pp. 251-270. (Springer Series on Cultural Computing) ISSN (print) 2195-9056 ISBN 9783030420963

Conference or Workshop Item

Davies, Rachel [Artist] (2014) Rachel Davies, fact and fiction: filmaker in progress. In: Museums at night; 15 May 2014, London, U.K..

Barber, Stephen [Speaker], Davies, Rachel [Speaker], Horrocks, Chris [Speaker], Mancke, Carol [Speaker] and Maude-Roxby, Alice [Speaker] (2009) The art of intervention: Kingston University responses: Japanese mob. In: The art of intervention: critical perspectives on the intersections of private and public memory; 14 Feb 2009, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Davies, Rachel [Director] and Saul, Daniel [Director] (2019) Journey. , A Small Dream : Dorset .

Davies, Rachel (2004) A time and a place. A time and a place. , 1 - 23 Dec 2004 , Kingston-upon-Thames, UK.

Moving Image/Broadcast

Davies, Rachel [Director] and Saul, Dan [Director] (2020) The Paradis Files. (Film).

Davies, Rachel [Director] and Saul, Daniel [Director] (2017) Ek Choti si Asha. (Film).

Davies, Rachel [Director] and Saul, Daniel [Director] (2016) Changing Lives. (Film).

Davies, Rachel and Saul, Daniel (2016) 1001 books. (Film).

Davies, Rachel and Saul, Daniel (2016) Winter. (Film).

Davies, Rachel [Artist] and H2Dance [Dancer] (2012) Say something. (Film installation with live performance).

Davies, Rachel [Artist], Silvestrini, Luca [Choreographer] and Protein Dance Theatre [Artist] (2011) LOL (lots of love). (Video design/projection in live performance).

Davies, Rachel [Artist] and Barrowland Ballet [Dancer] (2011) A conversation with Carmel. (Video design and projection within live dance performance).

Davies, Rachel [Artist], Silvestrini, Luca [Choreographer] and Protein Dance Theatre [Artist] (2008) Dear Body. (Video design/projection in live performance).

Davies, Rachel [Artist] (2007) The assembly. (Film installation). (Manchester Firsts)

Davies, Rachel and Gillgren, Hannah (2004) Gold. (DVD).

Davies, Rachel (2004) We got old. (Super 16mm).

Davies, Rachel and Parkes, J (2001) 3 minute birth. (Dance and spoken film). (Slot Art)

Davies, Rachel [Artist] (2000) Tales of the expected. (Video / animation).

Davies, Rachel [Artist] and Woods, Sarah [Collaborator] (1999) Trips. (Video / animation).

Davies, Rachel [Artist] (1998) Series of poetry and dance shorts for television. (animation).

Davies, Rachel [Creator] (1998) Dividing line. (Video).

Performance/Live Event

Davies, Rachel [Director] and Saul, Daniel [Director] (2019) Arrival. 30 min. (A Small Dream : Dorset, no. 3)

Davies, Rachel and Saul, Daniel (2019) Birth. 2 hours. (A Small Dream : Dorset, no. 1)

Davies, Rachel [Director] and Saul, Daniel [Director] (2019) Chandini - Work in Progress. 30 min.

Davies, Rachel [Artist] (2013) They tuck you up your Mum and Dad.

Davies, Rachel [Artist] (2010) The light garden. Devised participatory theatre incorporating interactive light and video installation.

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