Mr Adam Gillam


I studied BA Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University from 1991-1994 and at MA Fine Art The Royal Academy Schools, London, from 1994-1997 and I am currently represented by Tintype Gallery, London.

Academic responsibilities

Joint Course Leader BA Fine Art


  • BA Fine Art
  • MA Fine Art

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught


Reveling in material and visual flippancy, I fidget, probe and tweak the abundant dark matter of studio experimentation and collected pound-shop tat. The resulting accumulations present a potential momentary resolution between improvisation and refinement.

The works form part of a continuous and evolving search for meaning and understanding through a very physical and hands on experience that is prioritized over a foregrounding in language.  Individual pieces often emerge from the physical and intellectual processes of fidgeting, impatience and intuition, employing the rejected and discarded matter of experimentation and speculation; where one work often springs from the destruction of another.  

Research student supervision


Number of items: 12.


Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2017) Oh, OK Then. (sculptural).


Gillam, Adam (2020) In Constant Use. .

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2019) 1d For Abroad. 1d For Abroad. .

Gillam, Adam [Curator] (2018) Trigger's Broom: Kingsgate Mix. Trigger's Broom: Kingsgate Mix. .

Addison, Joanne [Curator], Harris, Mark [Curator] and Gillam, Adam [Curator] (2017) Work Work. .

Joiner, Ben [Curator], Atherton, Peggy [Curator], Bartolo, Maria [Curator] and Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2016) Buffet d'Art. .

Taylor, Finlay [Curator] and Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2016) International badge : artist badge project. millimetre 02. .

Gillam, Adam (2015) Stop bugging me: frame 1. Stop bugging me. .

Still/Graphic Work

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2022) Daubhill. (Painting). 30 x 40 cm. Oil on wood.

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2022) Summit. (Painting). 30 x 40 cms. Oil on canvas.

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2021) Clivers. (Painting). 35 x 25 cm. Oil paint, spray paint, pastel and canvas tape on canvas.

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2021) Eyebright. (Painting). 35 x 25 cm. Oil on canvas.

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