Mr Adam Gillam


I studied BA Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University from 1991-1994 and at MA Fine Art The Royal Academy Schools, London, from 1994-1997. 

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer BA Fine Art


  • BA Fine Art
  • MA Fine Art

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught


Revelling in material and visual flippancy, I fidget, probe and tweak the abundant dark matter of regurgitated studio experimentation,  and  collected pound shop tat. The resulting accumulations present a potential, momentary resolution between improvisation and refinement, realised through drawings, paintings and photographs.  Recent works have been made using a medium format a film camera, where the fixed point of the mounted camera acts as an anchored framing device within a dynamic, ever evolving and improvised making arena in front of the lens.  Through a combination of various materials, printed, drawn and taped, and the part-obscured reflection of myslef as a reluctant performer and the making space, the works are playful, theatrical. Framed by the camera, they appear to invite the viewer, as though looking through a window, to connect the elements into some narrative.  

I have nationally and internationally  including The Way We Work Now Camden Arts Centre (2005) , Brussels Biennial 1, Show Me Don't Tell Me, Witte de With, Rotterdam (2009), Z(A)RT, curated by Jan Hoet, ABTART Gallery, Stuttgart (2010), Adam Gillam, Joe Orton, Kenneth Halliwell, Ancient and Modern, London (2011), Melanchotopia, Witte de With, Rotterdam (2011) and solo exhibitions including I am definitely coming for longer if I come again, KLERKX, Milan (2008), Ideal Paste, Tintype, London (2013), Stop Bugging Me – Frame 1: Adam Gillam, Tintype, London (2015), In Constant Use, Tintype, London (2020).

I recently presented the paper Not Knowing Me, Not Knowing You at the conference On Not Knowing: How Artists Teach, at Glasgow School of Art in June 2023.

Research student supervision


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Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2017) Oh, OK Then. (sculptural).


Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2023) Paintings made through the camera. , Soanyway Magazine .

Gillam, Adam (2020) In Constant Use. .

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2019) 1d For Abroad. 1d For Abroad. .

Gillam, Adam [Curator] (2018) Trigger's Broom: Kingsgate Mix. Trigger's Broom: Kingsgate Mix. .

Addison, Joanne [Curator], Harris, Mark [Curator] and Gillam, Adam [Curator] (2017) Work Work. .

Joiner, Ben [Curator], Atherton, Peggy [Curator], Bartolo, Maria [Curator] and Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2016) Buffet d'Art. .

Taylor, Finlay [Curator] and Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2016) International badge : artist badge project. millimetre 02. .

Gillam, Adam (2015) Stop bugging me: frame 1. Stop bugging me. .

Still/Graphic Work

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2022) Daubhill. (Painting). 30 x 40 cm. Oil on wood.

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2022) Summit. (Painting). 30 x 40 cms. Oil on canvas.

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2021) Clivers. (Painting). 35 x 25 cm. Oil paint, spray paint, pastel and canvas tape on canvas.

Gillam, Adam [Artist] (2021) Eyebright. (Painting). 35 x 25 cm. Oil on canvas.

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