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I am a novelist and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and English Literature. Since 2018 I've been course leader for the MA and MFA in Creative Writing.

I am the author of the novels LOST BOYS (Little Brown 2008) and SUNSHINE STATE (Little, Brown 2010) and most recently UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES (Dodo Ink 2017) and STRAYS (Haverthorn 2017) a collaborative work of experimental poetry based on my debut novel. I've also written numerous short stories and articles which have been published in various journals, websites and anthologies. I have a PhD in American literature from King's College London on the African-American author James Baldwin and the connection of his work to Civil Rights and post-colonial discourse. I'm also a founding member of Writers Rebel - we publish work about the climate and ecological emergency at www.writersrebel.com - and organise literary events that are also non violent direct actions with Extinction Rebellion. I also help run the Twitter for Extinction Rebellion UK. 

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer


  • BA 1st Class Honours English Literature Oxford University 1997
  • MA (Distinction) Anglo-American literary relations UCL 1999
  • PhD King's College London 2006

Teaching and learning

I teach a range of modules on the MA in Creative Writing, the BA in Creative Writing and BA English Literature. 

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


My areas of research include: connections between contemporary literature and critical theory; connections between literary form and technology; the impact of socio-economic and political events on the novel and narrative fiction, experimental fiction, pastiche, parody, blending and complicating genre boundaries.

I'm interested in supervising  creative writing PhDs working on experimental or literary fiction or literature PhDs researching C20th American literature, particularly African-American, Beat Generation and postmodern fiction. 

Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision


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Book Section

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