Dr Elisa Webb

Research project: An outsider writes the South


Title: Just who the hell do you think you are? Crossing boundaries, transgressing borders, with Three Kids and a Dead Dog.

Theory: Southern Gothic Imaginative Writing Practice-based PhD: exploring and interrogating the idea that the Southern Gothic landscape (or chronotope) is a Gothic house. A transgressive project because cannon orthodoxy has long stated you have to be from there to write there.

Method: Critical essay, scrapbook of Southern debris and an authentic Southern Gothic novel Three Kids and a Dead Dog.

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  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: An outsider writes the South
  • Research supervisor: Dr James Miller


Put the fun back into reading and writing with children's author Elisa Webb

Creative writing and reading workshops for schools: from Year 4 to Year 13 and adults too

Author, teacher, parent and former Head of Department at Grey Coat Hospital School Elisa Webb has great skill and experience at delivering tailor-made bespoke workshops to develop students' love of reading and writing. These workshops focus on key writing skills: description, dialogue, forward action and emotion; as well as hitting key OFSTED criteria. Thus, all students are fully engaged in a flow activity applying new skills to a novel situation. Learning more, knowing more and doing more. She also delivers Author Q & As, assemblies and adult workshops.

Elisa Webb created Book Explorers Tours at Waterstones Kingston to encourage inner-city students to learn how to navigate bookstores to better access the wonderful world of literature. She is an Imaginative Writing Southern Gothic practice-based PhD from Kingston University. Darkling Park, her debut novel is a children's adventure set in a South London graveyard. Her second novel Three Kids and a Dead Dog is set in Georgia, U.S.A. She has had over 20 short stories published alongside several articles. 

An absolutely excellent book, hard to put down! Despite being a children's book it is suitable for all ages with some nuggets of comedy for adults. It's a tale of adventure, humour and friendship and I would truly recommend it to anyone to read. Darkling Park Amazon review.

Children, teachers and TAs have come up to me this afternoon to tell me how impressed they were with your workshop. Staff said the children were hanging off your every word! The children are really excited to read your book! I popped my head into Year 5 in the late afternoon and I could feel a real buzz of excitement with the children and the staff! I think you really inspired children today. Thank you so much! We would love to have you back next year. Workshop review.

£7.00 per head for a workshop or two free workshops for schools that purchase a class set of Darkling Park (20 plus copies at 8.99 each). Patrician Press delivers free of charge, on the day of the workshop. ISBN 9780993494536 Do call to discuss further details, discounts and adult bookings. Some events are free. I also undertake writing, editing work and tuition.

Areas of research interest

  • Creative and Imaginative Writing: fiction, novels, and short stories
  • Southern Gothic: reading the American South: literature, history, culture, politics and food
  • Bakhtin's Chronotope (time-space) as applied to the Southern Gothic landscape
  • Gothic House in literature
  • American ideology of Home as political and social campaign leverage
  • American Civil War and Reconstruction 1860s to 1900, Jim Crow era and Civil Rights to present day
  • Writers: Donna Tartt, Mary Ward Brown, Joan Didion, George Saunders
  • Writers: Truman Capote, Harper Lee, Arthur Flowers, Zora Neale Hurston, Harry Crewes
  • Writers: Flannery O'Connor, Carson McCullers, George Washington Cable, William Faulkner
  • Story telling in Joss Whedon and Duffer Brothers; Deep South, Hoodoo


  • MA Creative and Professional Writing, Distinction, Roehampton University
  • BA(Hons) Sociology, 2.1, University of Essex
  • PGCE Social Studies, Goldsmiths College
  • PhD Southern Gothic Imaginative Writing practice-based, Kingston University

Funding or awards received

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·       Short Story in Rebel Alliance Anthology, 2020

·       Short Story in Tempest Anthology, 2019

·       Member of Society of Authors, 2018

·       Short story published by Margō Collective Chains: Unheard Voices Anthology, 2018

·       Article happiful magazine, December 2017 issue

·       Short Story published in KU RiPPLE Magazine, 2017

·       Short Story in Patrician Press Peace Anthology, 2017. Anthology commended by Robert McCrum and Irvine Welsh

·       Darkling Park, debut novel on MA Creative Writing Programme syllabus, 2017

·       Darkling Park, debut novel, 2016

·       Cruel and Tender Gothic Art Exhibition, Pimlico, catalogue contributor, 2016

·       Two short stories published by Fictive Dream, 2016

·       Founded the No Pens Press to publish No Pens Allowed, 2015

·       Editor for All Over the Damned Place, 2015

·       Short story published for Election issue of Fresh RUSU magazine, 2015

·       Sidebar on writing for Chalk the Sun, 2014

·       Commissioning editor (for major publisher) requested more of my writing, 2013

·       Editor for Roehampton Writers' Society: Creative Writing Anthology, 2013

·       Editor for Fincham Press: Creative Writing Anthology, 2013

·       Four short stories published, 2014

·       Two short stories published, 2013

·       Dylan short story published by Chalk the Sun, 2011

Conference papers