Dr Michael Gatt


I am an acousmatic and sound installation composer who deals with site-specific works. In 2014 I completed my PhD in Electroacoustic Music Analysis at De Montfort University, Leicester. I specialise in audio recording, live sound technologies and sonic art.

Academic responsibilities

Course Leader: BA Music Technology


  • PhD in Electroacoustic Music Analysis – De Montfort University, 2010-2014
  • MA Music, Technology and Innovation – De Montfort University, 2007-2009
  • BA Hons Music, Technology and Innovation – De Montfort University, 2004-2007

Teaching and learning

Qualifications and expertise

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


My research interests concern: acousmatic compositions; site-specific installation art; electroacoustic music analysis; preservation issues of electronic music; electronic music performance practices; open-access, collaborative research and wisdom of the crowd philosophy.

Research student supervision


Number of items: 11.


Gatt, Michael (2020) Memory, expectation and the temporal flux of acousmatic music. Organised Sound, 25(2), pp. 205-213. ISSN (print) 1355-7718

Gatt, Michael (2015) The OREMA project : a call for the liberation of sound analysis. Organised Sound, 20(3), pp. 316-322. ISSN (print) 1355-7718

Book Section

Gatt, Michael (2016) OREMA : an analytical community. In: Emmerson, Simon and Landy, Leigh, (eds.) Expanding the horizon of electroacoustic music analysis. Cambridge, U.K. : Cambridge University Press. pp. 148-169. ISBN 9781107118324

Gatt, Michael (2010) On the collecting and preservation of Wind Chimes sources. In: Gayou, Évelyne and Couture, François, (eds.) Denis Smalley: Polychrome Portraits. France : Institut National de l’Audiovisuel. pp. 59-72. ISBN 9782869382114

Conference or Workshop Item

Gatt, Michael (2015) Humanising electroacoustic music analysis. In: Being Human : Humanising music technology; 16 Nov 2015, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Gatt, Michael (2013) The Online Repository for Electroacoustic Analysis project : a community approach to electroacoustic music analysis. In: Electroacoustic Music in the context of interactive approaches and networks; 17 - 21 Jun 2013, Lisbon, Portugal.

Monty, Adkins and Gatt, Michael (2009) Project: Conception, composition and archiving. In: International Computer Music Conference; 16 - 21 Aug 2009, Montreal, Canada.


Gatt, Michael [Composer] and Smith, Stuart [Designer] (2015) Sound Tree. Make||Sound Festival. .

Performance/Live Event

Evans, Alex [Creator], Osborn, David [Creator] and Gatt, Michael [Performer] (2016) Follow the Sun concert.

Gatt, Michael, Smith, Simon and Martin, Brona (2015) Hear Th↓s Space performance. Full of Noises.


Gatt, Michael (2014) Tools for understanding electroacoustic music . (PhD thesis), De Montfort University, .

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