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Dr Michael Gatt

Lecturer in Music


I am an acousmatic and sound installation composer who deals with site-specific works. In 2014 I completed my PhD in Electroacoustic Music Analysis at De Montfort University, Leicester. I specialise in audio recording, live sound technologies and sonic art.

Areas of specialism

  • Acousmatic compositions
  • Electroacoustic music analysis
  • Audio recording and post-production skills
  • Live performance technologies
  • Site-specific installation art
  • Preservation issues of electronic music

Courses taught




  • PhD in Electroacoustic Music Analysis

Professional membership

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 


A list of my most significant publications are provided below:

  • GATT, M. (2016) An Analytical Community. In: Emmerson, S and Landy, L. Expanding the Horizon of Electroacoustic Music Analysis. UK, Cambridge University Press, pp.148-169.
  • GATT, M. (2015) The OREMA Project: A call for the liberation of sound analysis. In: Organised Sound Vol 20, No 3, pp. 316-322. 
  • GATT, M. (2013) The Online Repository for Electroacoustic Analysis project: a community approach to electroacoustic music analysis. In: Proceedings of the Electroacoustic Music Society conference 2013. Portugal, Lisbon. 
  • GATT, M. (2012) The OREMA Project. In: Journal SEAMUS Vol 23, No. 1. 
  • GATT, M. (2010) On the collecting and preservation of Wind Chimes sources. In: GAYOU, E et al. Denis Smalley: Polychrome Portraits. France, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, pp. 59-72. 
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