Mr Andre Mostert


Andre is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has taught economics, accounting, and entrepreneurship for HE accesses, undergraduate and MBA programmes (University of Cape Town, University of East London). In recent years he has specialised in enterprise education and entrepreneurship, research commercialisation, Knowledge Exchange, etc. Andre teaches on the MSc International Business, Consultancy In Practice (MSc) and Organisation and Entrepreneurship and an MBA module (Development and Growth of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Andre also supports two Research projects (Digital Vulnerability Index and Signing Banks) and engages with business and industry partners to promote the interface between the classroom and the world of work. Andre has developed qualifications and learning resources, including a Post-graduate Diploma suite in Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise, and a set of qualifications in International Financial Services Management and Islamic Finance and Banking. More recently Andre developed a Social Technology (STEM) Award (Applied Futurology for STEM careers), eSports Degree programme Andre is an Ofqual Expert in Entrepreneurship, and has published in the field of entrepreneurship education, human language technology and African oral literature.  He has also led and supported international research and development projects for a number of agencies including ASIA Invest, British Council, Commonwealth Secretariat, DANIDA, Erasmus+, FP7, H2020, Foundation of Human Rights, USAID, etc.  Andre is a Fellow of Advanced HE and of the Institute of Community Safety. Andre supported the creation of the Kingston University Futurology Society at the University, and he continues to support the expansion of the Society to promote the future vision skills of the student cohort across the university. Andre has managed a number of international projects (social enterprise, digital skills, climate change, etc) and trained ECRs and Research Centre managers to submit funding proposals for research funding. Andre welcomes the change to work with business and industry partners.

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer Innovation and Entrepreneurship


  • Hons
  • MA

Teaching and learning

Teaching, Training and Workshops

• Essentials of Entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship and Innovation• Innovation and Innovation Systems • New Product and Service Development (NPSD) • 30 Minute Business Plan• Feasibility Analysis • Financing Innovation • Competitor Analysis • Strategic Business Planning • SME Global Marketing • Research Methods for Business • Financial Performance Management • Strategic Resource Management • Strategic Enterprise Management • Social Enterprise Management • Applied Financial Management for Enterprise • Applied Marketing for Entrepreneurship • Applied Marketing for Social Enterprise • Essentials of Intrapreneurship • Intrapreneurship for Managers• Leveraging Innovation – Intrapreneurship


• The Changing Consulting Industry• The Consulting Profession• Staring as a Consultant • Consultant Toolkit • Consulting Skills in practice• Marketing and selling Consultancy Services• Developing Management Consultancy• Major Practice Area of Strategy and Organization• Major Practice Area of Marketing Consulting• Intervention Strategies and Change• Consultancy Service Level Agreement • Developing Long Term Relationships

General • Retail Branding • Buyology • Starting a Business • Women in Enterprise • Strategy Development • Presentation skills• Economic Policy Revisited• Financial Globalisation • Globalisation and Business Environment • Societies in International Business Environment • Sources of Growth • From Geo-politics to Geo-economics • International Trade and Globalisation • Designing and Developing the Organisation• Organisations and Management• Leadership and Organisational Behaviour • Corporate Governance • CV Building for the Future• Getting down to business • Industrial Policy • Business Ethics • Business Ethics and CSR• Enterprise as a career • Business versus entrepreneurship • Introduction to Franchising• Retail Environment• Employability • Logistics Approach for Business Start-up • World of Work • Introduction to Supply and Demand • Developing as a Global Executive • Managing Globally

Case Studies

• Financial Globalisation • Born Global• Business and Climate Change

• Understanding Geo-economics • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)• Cross Cultural Communication • Business Development • Effective Business Development • Corporate Social Responsibility• Technology and Innovation • Organisational Development


• EU Integration • EU Institutions and Decision Making • EU Policies and Competences

Enterprise Education

• A Journey Through Enterprise Education and Development • Enterprise Development: ENTPASS• Enterprise Innovation in Action

Qualifications and expertise

  • FHEA


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Qualifications and expertise

  • FHEA

Areas of specialism

  • Entrepreneurship
  • social enterprise
  • qualification development
  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding

Scholarly affiliations


Business, knowledge transfer and international

Andre has worked extensively across business and industry with focus on social innovation, social enterprise, business development, etc.

Qualifications and PROFESSIONAL expertise

  • Fellow of the Institute of Community Safety