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Dr Huda Morgan

Senior lecturer


I obtained my DPhil from Imperial College London in 1994, where I worked on an EU-project in collaboration with University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France. The project was on preparation and characterisation of nano-ceramics from molten salts for medical applications. I also obtained a Diploma in Engineering from Imperial College in 1994. Subsequently in 1995 I went on to work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on MRC-project on Biophysics in relation to Dentistry and Biomaterials at The Royal London Hospital Medical College and Queen Mary University, London.

I joined Kingston University in 1998 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on conducting thermoplastic polyaniline-rubber blends and composites in collaboration with the University of North London. I also worked on AQUA liquid fingerprints project in 2002 in collaboration with Queens University Ireland, Barcelona water and University of Manchester.

I refereed several research articles and book proposals for Elsevier and Smithers-Rapra. I co-supervised 3 PhD, 7 MSc students, 8 summer internship and at least 12 final year projects on a wide range of projects; eating dates to prevent cancer, eat olive oil to lower cholesterol, how much nanotechnology in your mouth and biodegradable polymers for bone scaffold. Currently, I am supervising a postdoctoral research fellow on computational research for light weight bone material.

In addition to my track record in research, I am also passionate about teaching on a wide range of postgraduate and undergraduate modules in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry and pharmacy. I am a Module Leader of chemistry for Foundation to Pharmacy course and a personal tutor for around 20-25 tutees to support during their university journey. 

Areas of specialism

  • Biomaterials
  • Inorganic and materials chemistry
  • Materials science


  • DPhil - Imperial College, London 1994
  • DIC - Imperial College, London 1994
  • MPhil - Southampton University, Southampton 1990
  • BSc - Basra University, Iraq
  • TEFL - Teaching English as Foreign Language, by TEFL UK 2013
  • PGCHE - Supervising Research Students, Kingston University (KU) 2003
  • FHEA - Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2017

Professional membership

  • FHEA - Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2017
  • MRSC - The Royal Society of Chemistry 2016
  • Member - UK Society of Biomaterials 2000
  • Member - UK Nanotechnology 1995
  • Research


    1.       Conductive Polyaniline/Poly (Epichlorohydrin-co-Ethylene Oxide) Blends Prepared in Solution Z K Abbas, S J Barton, P J S Foot and H. Morgan. Polymers and Polymer Composites, Vol. 15, No. 1. 2007.

    2.       Conductive Poly (Butadiene-co-Acrylonitrile)-Polyaniline Dodecylbenzenesulfonate Blends Prepared in Solution. KC Yong, PJS Foot, H. Morgan, S Cook and AJ Tinker. European Polymer Journal 42, 1716-27 (2006).

    3.       Light-Weight Organo-Ceramics for Prosthetic, Surgical and Structural Applications. H. Morgan and PJS Foot, UK Patent Appl. no. GB03290566. (Published. March 2005).

    4.       Thermal Doping of Polyaniline by Sulfonic Acids. D Poussin, H. Morgan and PJS Foot. Polymer International 52, 433-38 (2003).

    5.       The Effects of Composition and Processing Variables on the Properties of Thermoplastic Polyaniline Blends and Composites. H. Morgan, PJS Foot and NW Brooks, J Mater. Sci. 36, 5369-77 (2001).

    6.       Preparation and Characterisation of Monoclinic Hydroxyapatite and its Precipitated Carbonate Apatite Intermediate. H. Morgan, R. Wilson, J. Elliott, S. Dowker. Biomaterials, 2000, 21, 617.

    7.       Effect of Diffusion Length on Erosion Rate of Packed Hydroxyapatite Powders. H. Morgan and P. Anderson. Poster at the BSDR Conference, Leeds University, April 12-16, 1999.

    8.       Cells for the Study of Acidic Dissolution in Packed Apatite Powders as Model Systems for Dental Caries. H. Morgan, R. Wilson, J. Elliott, S. Dowker and P. Anderson, Caries Res. 1998; 32:428.

    9.       Effect of Grinding on CaHPO4.2H2O Formation during Acid Ireatment of Apatites. H. Morgan, J. Elliott and P. Anderson. Abstract in J. Dent. Res. 1997, 76, 1083.

    10.    Preparation of Bulk Stoichiometric Hydroxyapatite. J. Elliott, S. Dowker, H. Morgan and P. Anderson. BSDR Conference, Brighton, April 7-10, 1997.

    11.    Novel System to Study Demineralization Process in Packed Apatite Powders. H. Morgan, J. Elliott and S. Dowker. Poster at the BSDR Conference, Brighton, April 7-10, 1997.

    12.    Dissolution Rate as a Function of Depth of Acid Overlying Packed Apatite. H. Morgan, J. Elliott and S. Dowker. Abstract in J. Dent. Res. 1997, 76, 1081.

    13.    Making Ceramic Powders from Molten Salts. Y. Du, D. Inman and H. Morgan, Materials World, August 1996, 458.

    14.    A Novel Preparation of Calcia Fully Stabilised Zirconia from Molten Alkali-Metal Nitrate. H. Morgan, B. Durand, F. Chassagneux and D. Inman, J. Mater. Chem., 1996, 6(3), 495.

    15.    Preparation of Yttria-Doped Zirconia Powder from Molten Salts. Z. Zhao, H. Morgan and D. Inman. Rare Metals, 1995, 14, 2, 91.

    16.    Zirconia Formation by Reactions of Zirconium Sulfate in Molten Alkali-Metal Nitrates or Nitrites. H. Morgan, B. Durand, F. Chassagneux, D. Kerridge and D. Inman, J. Mater. Chem., 1994, 4(8), 1331.

    17.    Preparation of Yttria-Doped Zirconia Powder from Molten Salts. Z. Zhao, H. Morgan and D. Inman. Proceedings of the Fifth China-Japan Bilateral Conference on Molten Salts Chemistry and Technology, Kuning, China, 28th Sept. to 2nd Oct. 1994, 126-129.

    Patent/Papers in Preparations:

    1.       Patent on Conducting Rubber Blends for Artificial Muscles and Robotic Applications, H. Morgan and P. Foot.

    2.       Fingerprinting of Beverages/Liquids, A. Augousti, J. Mason and H. Morgan

    3.       Preparation of Homogenous Nano-Sized ZrO2-Y2O3 Solid Solution Crystallites from Molten Alkali Nitrates and Nitrites. H. Morgan, B. Durand and D. Inman

    4.       Processing of Polyaniline Blends and Composites. H. Morgan, P. Foot, A. Farid.

    5.       The Novel Preparation of Superconductors from Molten Salts. H. Morgan and D. Inman, to be submitted to Materials World, Institute of Materials.

    Assisted Publications:

    1.       New Lightweight Biomaterials, E. Drillet, STAGE project, 2004

    2.       Conducting polyaniline, E. Campbell, 2004

    3.       Conducting Thiophenes, C. Pratt, Kingston University, 2003


    Number of items: 1.

    Conference or Workshop Item

    Yong, Kok Chong, Ahmed, Md Aris, Foot, P J S, Morgan, H, Cook, S and Tinker, A J (2009) Preparation and characterisation of novel electrically conductive rubber blends. In: 1st International Conference on Polymer Electronics; 04-05 Feb 2009, Barcelona, Spain. (Unpublished)

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