Ms Fanni Szigetvari


I am a Research Assistant involved in the Towards Outstanding Research Reviews project (TORR), funded by the Wellcome Trust. The research aims to understand how peer-reviewers use information in grant applications to make their recommendations for funding.

I hold a BA degree in Psychology from the Karoli Gaspar University, Budapest (2017), and I completed my MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology at Kingston University, London (2019).

From the beginning of my studies, I have been particularly interested in Psychology as the science of well-being and excellence, and as I progressed in my graduate program, I developed a keen interest in understanding the role played by contextual factors, such as the organisational culture, in enabling employees to succeed and live up to their full potential. Therefore, in my MSc dissertation, I explored how an organisation's mindset – whether a company is perceived to view talent as fixed or malleable – shapes workplace climate and employee behaviour. I was awarded a Distinction for this research project.

My interest in Social and Cognitive Psychology led me to Behavioural Science, which I feel is an exceptional field where I can use my knowledge from Psychology to help bring about positive social and behavioural change.

As an aspiring Behavioural Scientist, I am interested in the psychology of human behaviour and decision-making and in understanding people as they are, not as they ‘should be'. I have a particular interest in understanding the role social, physical and/or mental processes play in problem-solving and creative thinking. 

Academic responsibilities

Research Assistant


  • BA in Psychology
  • MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology

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