Ms Fanni Szigetvari


I am the Behavioural Science Lab Manager at Kingston Business School where we use eye trackers, a facial expression reader and an interactive behaviour observatory to generate insights about how people interact with websites, products, services, marketing or calls to action.

I hold a BA degree in Psychology from the Karoli Gaspar University, Budapest (2017), and I completed my MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology at Kingston University, London (2019).

My interest in Social and Cognitive Psychology led me to Behavioural Science, which I feel is an exceptional field where I can use my knowledge from Psychology to help bring about positive social and behavioural change.

As an aspiring Behavioural Scientist, I am interested in the psychology of human behaviour and decision-making and in understanding people as they are, not as they ‘should be'. I have a particular interest in understanding the role social, physical and/or mental processes play in problem-solving and creative thinking. 

Academic responsibilities

Research Assistant


  • BA in Psychology
  • MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology

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