Dr Babangida Kure Yohanna


Babangida is a specialist in Entrepreneurial Finance with specific interest in Venture Capital investments, Angel investments, and crowdfunding. He teaches Design thinking for International business, Fundraising and Pitching, Innovation, and Innovation Management. Prior to joining KBS, Babangida was an investment analyst at Wayra, which is Telefonica's corporate accelerator with a combined portfolio of over USD1Billion. He also held positions as a lecturer in several London Universities, where he taught Enterprise Development, Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation Finance, Innovation Management, and Strategy. 

Babangida also serve as an Advisor to several tech start-ups, he similarly worked as a Research Consultant and Entrepreneurial finance consultant for several SMEs in Europe and Africa. He is experienced in managing international projects and had previously, co-founded and served as the first network coordinator for the Abuja Angels Network, which is a private members-only investment club championed by Abuja Technology Village. Babangida is also an avid researcher.

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


  • PhD In Business and Management
  • Master of Research in Business and Management
  • Master of Business Administration in International Business
  • Master of Science in Business Information Systems Management
  • Bachelor of Art in Marketing
  • Diploma in Accounting

Teaching and learning

I teach modules in the area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Qualifications and expertise

  • BS6804 - Fundraising and Pitching
  • BS5405 - Business Design thinking
  • BS7718 - Design Thinking for International Business
  • BS7033 - Innovation Management