Mr Daulayefa Paul Omoniyei

Research project: The Effects of Serrations on the Aerodynamic Performance of F-1 Race Car Wing with a Slotted Flap


In recent years, trailing-edge serrations have been used in the rear wings of F-1 race cars to improve the aerodynamic performance of the multi-slotted flap wing system. The serrations create high-energy, mini streamwise vortices passing over the surfaces of the flap, which re-energise the boundary layer, delaying flow separation on the flap and increasing the lift coefficient. However, this innovative serration design is yet to be well understood. Therefore, the research aims to investigate the effect of the trailing edge serrations on the time average characteristics of the mini-vortical structures on a generic F-1 wing with a single-slotted flap using Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations. Moreover, the effects of serration shape, wavelength, amplitude and flap settings on the lift, drag coefficients and lift-to-drag ratio for a generic rear wing with a single slotted flap will be explored to establish the optimal serration design for rear wing application.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: The Effects of Serrations on the Aerodynamic Performance of F-1 Race Car Wing with a Slotted Flap
  • Research supervisor: Dr Sing Lo
  • Other research supervisors:


I am Daulayefa Paul Omoniyei (MSc), a recent graduate with an award of distinction in Mechanical Engineering. I am a self-motivated Engineer with work experience in the automotive industry and delivering of STEM tutoring to various levels of learners.

I am adept in the use of CAD and CAE engineering software such as ANSYS, SOLID WORKS, MINITAB and have conducted individual and group research on problems involving FEA (thermal and structural) and CFD Numerical Simulation. 

I have won several awards, Kingston University School Prize Award for best Performance (2020/2021), Master's degree Sponsorship Award 2020 (Deputy Governor of Delta State), Shell undergraduate scholarship Award (2012) and Chevron Scholarship Award (2011). 

I am currently undergoing a PhD research project on F1 race cars, to apply my abilities and skills garnered over the years, to grow professional towards becoming a researcher, and to make an original  contribution to the existing body of knowledge. 

Areas of research interest

  • Vehicle Aerodynamics
  • Renewable Energy
  • Automotive Manufacturing and Maintenance
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics


  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Kingston University London
  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering, Niger Delta University, Nigeria

Funding or awards received

  • Research Degree Bursary Award, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing.
  • Kingston University School Prize Award for best Performance
  • Shell undergraduate scholarship Award
  • Chevron Scholarship Award