Mrs Hanady Kadhim

Research project: Modification of Protein Inhibitor Antibiotics to improve efficacy/safety


 Chloramphenicol is an old antibiotic that is seldom prescribed because of concerns over its toxicity, especially towards human mitochondria. Nevertheless, in some cases (e.g. multi-drug resistant brain abscess) chloramphenicol is the only effective drug. This project seeks to address the problem of antibiotic resistance (and / or the toxicity) by using organic synthesis to subtly modify the structure of drugs. In some cases, this may mean altering an existing drug, but where it is synthetically feasible the synthesis will be carried out from readily available commercial starting materials (total synthesis)Modifications will include incorporation of a nitrogen in the aromatic ring and replacement of the nitro group with a bioisostere, such as oxadiazoleUsing organic synthetic methods based on previous literature precedent the structure of the drug will be modified to synthesize new analogues of chloramphenicol. . Biological testing using Huvec cells will determine the cytotoxicity of the new analogues. Antimicrobial testing against bacterial strains will next determine their efficacy. The ultimate objective will be to identify chloramphenicol analogues with equal or superior antibacterial activity to the original drug, but minimal side-effects. 


I was employed in Biology Department at Cihan University/Erbil/Iarq as a Assistant Lecturer in 2012-2016. I have organized so many matters including the Department weekly time-table of students' lectures and laboratories. My main duty was a Laboratory Assistant for Chemistry, Biochemistry, Animal Physiology and Ecology & Pollution practical sessions. My duties were the preparation of all the experiments that were to be conducted by the students in the above mentioned subjects and the supervision of students' work during the practical session and  to lecture the theory part of the above mentioned practical subjects. I was also in charge of the chemicals storage room and the director of the Department laboratories, where I would check every laboratory for any needs and how the Laboratory Assistants were following the rules and regulations, to report to me at the end of each week, unless there was an urgent matter that needed immediate attention. I even supervised fourth year graduation projects.  

From 2016-2018 worked in Kurdistan University/Erbil/Iraq 

Teaching Biochemistry Theoretical and practical for Premedical Bridge Year and UG1(Medical School at UKH).Carrying practical General Chemistry for UG1 Civil Engineering. Practical Water Quality for UG2 Water Resources Engineering.

Provide support and tutorials to students.Assist in supervision of dissertations and/or projects relating to areas of specialization.Participate in departmental meetings, activities, and boards.Engage in continuous professional development through participation in pedagogical seminars, workshops, and trainings as required.

Planned and designed Water Quality Centre based on the lab facility in the university to carry out physical, chemical, and biological parameters as part of the income generation and activities of the university.

Areas of research interest

  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Chemistry Organic Synthesis


  • B.Sc in Chemistry - Al-Nahrain University /Baghdad - Iraq 2000
  • M.SC in Chemistry/Biochemistry - Al-Nahrain University /Baghdad - Iraq 2002