Dr Nicholas Freestone


I am an Associate Professor for Physiology and Pharmacology and Course Director for undergraduate Pharmaceutical Science degree courses at Kingston. I research in two different disciplines. The first is in bioscience and relates largely to studying calcium handling in isolated cardiac myocytes.  The second relates to my interrogation of the nature of learning itself at university via pedagogic research.

As a bioscientist I ran my own BHF-funded laboratory at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge in Professor Sir Michael Berridge's Laboratory of Molecular Signalling. As a pedagogical researcher I run national workshops on teaching and learning for academic colleagues under the auspices of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and the Heads of University Biosciences (HUBS)/Royal Society of Biology (RSB).

I am a Senior Fellow of the HEA, a Fellow of the RSB and UK Educational Lead for the Physiological Society. I am the holder of the UK HEA Bioscience Teacher of the Year Award 2014/15.

Academic responsibilities

Associate professor


  • BSc Physiology (with Pharmacology) and Psychology
  • MPhil Clinical Biochemistry
  • PhD Cardiovascular Physiology


My research has largely involved looking at the role of beta adrenoceptors in regulating single cardiac cell function. In particular I helped to characterise the role of a novel beta-AR now called the low affinity beta1-AR. This receptor is resistant to blockade by propranolol but seems to be linked to arrhythmogenesis. I am also interested in the morphological and functional differences between atrial and ventricular cardiac cells. Techniques I have used to investigate these areas have included single cell fluorescence, confocal microscopy, western blotting and biochemical assays.

I have also induced experimental forms of heart failure in experimental animals and studied the effect of novel pharmacological agents on the compromised myocardium.

In terms of pedagogical research I have extensively investigated the nature of the student experience at Kingston University, especially as it relates to the MPharm Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science degrees. I am currently investigating BME attainment in these programmes

Research student supervision


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Conference or Workshop Item

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Leadership and management

I am an Educational Theme Lead for The Physiological Society and a member of the Education, Public Engagement and Policy Committee of The Physiological Society.  This is a pivotal role in the policy and practice environment as it relates to the teaching and dissemination of physiology and related Biosciences across the UK.

I was also a member of a working group acting for the British Pharmacological Society that drew up the new BSc Pharmacology curriculum for Pharmacology courses in the UK.

Using all the resources at my disposal as a result of the above leadership and management roles I have been able to initiate a number of successful interventions into my teaching practice. These have resulted in the courses that I lead, the suite of undergraduate Pharmaceutical Science degrees at Kingston University being shortlisted for the Guardian University Awards in 2020. This was for work I have done in removing the attainment gaps for all identifiable student cohorts in this degree.

I am an elected member of Senate, Kingston University's most senior consultative committee for academic matters and this gives me a role to play in the strategic direction of the university, especially in the area of learning, teaching and assessment.

Finally, I am the elected Chair of the Kingston University Branch of the University and College Union.

All of the above roles are ones to which I have been elected by my peers and enable me to play a strategic and practical role in shaping the future, not only of Kingston University, but learning in the wider Biosciences.