Research project: Modification of of Protein Synthesis Inhibitor Antibiotics to Minimise Side Effects and Improve Efficacy


Modification of of Protein Synthesis Inhibitor Antibiotics to Minimise Side Effects and Improve Efficay


My prior experience within the health field in the United Arab Emirates has bolstered my ability to ensure that patients have a positive experience, through quality customer service. Additionally, through my academic education, I have gained in-depth knowledge of immunology and microbiology which will be beneficial as this role requires cross-disciplinary understanding. Furthermore, studying pharmaceutical science has enabled me to progress in my ability to work with digital technology such as Microsoft Office packages, analytical and statistical software, and all types of spectroscopy. My ambition, willingness to adapt to modern technology as well as my knowledge and experience mean that I am well-equipped and excited to embark on this career opportunity.

I achieved a bachelor's degree in Medical Microbiology and a master's degree in Medical Immunology. I have already been registered with medical regulatory bodies, both in 2008 with the Committee for Evaluation of Credentials for Paramedical Registration as Paramedical General Practional of the United

Arab Emirates, and before this in 2007 with the Sudan Medical Council Registration, which I renewed in 2017, giving me around four years' experience in my field.

I currently possess a (HCPC) health care and professional council licence (November 2017).

I have been trained to perform analytical tests on blood, tissues and body fluids to provide laboratory information for detection and treatment of human disease. In addition, I have learned microscopic investigation techniques for bacterial isolation and culturing, as well as immunological (ELISA, Immunoassay, Western blot, Gel electrophoresis) and Spectroscopic techniques (NIR, IR, GC-MS, NMR).

Linguistically, as well as speaking English, my Arabic is very good, so I can translate any medical reports from Arabic to English.

Areas of research interest

  • organic chemistry
  • medical immunology
  • medical microbiology
  • cancer research
  • pharmacology
  • medicinal chemistry


  • BSc in Pharmaceutical Science, Kingston university
  • M.Sc. in Immunology in Tropical Medicine, Sudan Academy of Science
  • BSc in Microbiology, Sudan University of Science and Technology (Medical Laboratory Sciences)

Funding or awards received

  • PhD bursary from Kingston University (London)