Dr Simon Gould


I started my career in microbiology at CPA laboratory, a small independent food and water analytic lab whilst at college and it was here that I developed an interest in microbiology. I then completed both a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Science at Kingston University, followed by a PhD at the same institution, working on examining the characteristic between clinical isolates of methicillin resistant - and -sensitive Staphylococcus aureus collected from both UK and Maltese hospitals. I then carried out a three year post-doc on the antimicrobial property of natural product and copper against a range of clinical important bacteria. In 2009 I started as lecturer at Kingston University and became Senior Lecturer of Microbiology in 2011. In Septermber 2019 I took over a the course leader for Biomedical Science.  I am currently part of multidisciplinary working on antibiotic resistance and nature products.

Academic responsibilities

Senior lecturer


  • PhD, Kingston University
  • BSc & MSc in Biomedical Science, Kingston University

Teaching and learning

I lecturer microbiology (mainly bacteriology)  across all level from 3-7 

Undergraduate courses taught


Leadership and management

I am the Course Leader for the BSc (Hones) in biomedical Science, a Institute of Biomedical Science accredited degree