Miss Razan Abbara

Research project: Understanding the resistome evolution in a one health context : Does resistance evolve differently across bacterial species?


The thesis is studying the resistome evolution in E.coli, p. Aeruginosa, K. Pneumoniae and S.aureus using two methods which are Antibiotic Resistance Growth Plate (ARGP) and chunky methods. In addition to that, this thesis is focusing on characterising the genotypes phenotypes of  the resistance strains. 


I have worked as a lecturer in Microbiology, Hematology and Biochemisty applied sessions for two years. 

Areas of research interest

  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Resistome
  • Molecular basis of antibiotic resistance


  • Msc in Microbiology, Hematology and Immunology
  • Bachelor's in pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry

Funding or awards received

  • Funding from Kingston University London