Ms Hedy Cohen

Research project: Adorno's Dialectical Sound


The aim of this research is to investigate the importance of sound, and of "dialectical sound" in Adorno's thought, mainly in his writings on music and language. More than Adorno thinks about sound, he thinks through sound. Sound is the prism or category through which Adorno analyses his writings on music and language, but also his philosophical texts, psychoanalysis, ethics, literature and more. Sound is always in the "back of his mind", so to speak. It will be argued that musical sound is an integral part of Adorno's development of a distinctive account of dialectical form.


I am currently embarking on a journey of exploration of the philosophy of sound, after having researched for years the philosophy of language, which forms the basis of my master's degree in philosophy. Before that, I worked for several years as a journalist, and did a bachelor's and master's degree in clinical social work. I undertook my social work's practice in an institute for child development and in a mental health institution.

Areas of research interest

  • Western Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Music
  • Psychanalysis


  • BA Philosophy and Economics
  • MA Philosophy
  • BA+MA Clinical Social Work