Holly Antrum

Research project: The film document and its veracity


The BFI's national film archive provides the primary context for The film document and its veracity. A practice-based and written analysis, this artist-filmmaking research project engages with and questions the existing language, grammar and truth-making of archival films. See full project summary at http://www.techne.ac.uk/for-students/techne-students/techne-students/techne-students-2018-19/antrum

  • Research degree: Practice-based PhD
  • Title of project: The film document and its veracity
  • Other research supervisor: Julian Rodriguez


I am embarking on this PhD project from an existing practice as an independent artist and artist filmmaker. I have worked with 'front-end' analogue mediums (from drawing to printmaking, photography to film) that intersect digital processes and intuitive gestures - such as creative writing, translation, and haptic relations around lens based media. I graduated from the Royal College of Art, London (Masters in Printmaking, 2011), and Wimbledon School of Art, London (BA Fine Art Painting, 2005). My work has been shown widely in gallery installations and screenings, in the UK as well as internationally. I have presented and tutored as a Fine Art visiting lecturer (2012-17), and taught numerous filmmaking workshops balanced on practical and theoretical principles for students (BA to MA, to public) at Newcastle University (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Chelsea College of Arts (UAL London), Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing (Oxford), Grand Union (Birmingham), among others.




  • BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting
  • MA Printmaking

Funding or awards received

  • With relevance to this project: TECHNE PhD scholarship (2018-2021)


2016    Outside Noise, Ed. Holly Antrum & Jonathan P Watts (second edition), Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh

2015    The London Open 2015, text by Daniel F. Herrmann, Whitechapel Gallery, London

2014   Outside Noise, Holly Antrum, Jonathan P Watts & George Vasey, Grand Union, Birmingham

2013    Flatness, curatorial project by Shama Khanna, editioned publication and website 

2012    ‘Parisian Cemetery Walls' ARC – the death issue, Issue 16 (Royal College of Art student journal)

2011    Future Works, Printmaking MA publication, Royal College of Art, London, 2011 edition of 1000

2010   Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2010, exhibition catalogue

2007  Repatriating the Ark, The Garden Museum, exhibition catalogue

          Jerwood Drawing Prize 2007, exhibition catalogue

2006  Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2006, exhibition catalogue

2005  Jerwood Drawing Prize 2005, exhibition catalogue

Conference papers

'Catalogue' (introduction and film screening): Symposium, 'Make Perhaps Sense Out of This Can You', Chelsea College of Arts, Univeristy of the Arts London, 2015. Organised by Cobbing, William and Cooper, Rosie and Grandal Montero, Gustavo and Toop, David.