Ms Jahnine Davis

Research project: Lost in narrative and missing in research: Black British Caribbean Adolescents and Extra-Familial Harm


Black children have been victim to some of the most high profile child abuse cases in English child protection history  yet, there is a paucity of research which offers explicit attention to their safeguarding needs. Therefore my  thesis will explore how Black British Caribbean children navigate experiences of abuse, where they go to for support, who they tell and how they communicate their experiences of harm. The study will also explore how services and practitioners effectively support Black children and their families. 

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Lost in narrative and missing in research: Black British Caribbean Adolescents and Extra-Familial Harm
  • Research supervisor: Professor Rick Hood
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Paty Paliokosta


I am the Co-founder and Co-Director of Listen Up Research Community Interest Company, which aims to amplify the experiences of traditionally lesser heard children, young people and families in child protection ; policy, practice and research. As a practitioner I have worked within children's services for two decades, from frontline to national strategic capacity.  I also a research fellow on the Contextual Safeguarding programme at the International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking at the University of Bedfordshire.  I am the Safeguarding Trustee for St Giles and Imkaan.

Previous role includes:

  • Chair of Research Advisory Group: Beyond Referrals Contextual Safeguarding Project: The International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking
  • National Chair of Race Equality Network: Barnardo's Children's Charity
  • Practice Improvement Advisor: The Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse

Areas of research interest

  • Black British Caribbean children and child maltreatment
  • Black girls and racialised sexualisation
  • Child criminal exploitation
  • Child protection and safeguarding policy
  • Intersectionality and Adutlfication
  • Ecological approaches to understanding location, context and structural inequality
  • Decolonialisation and practice, research and policy


  • MA in Child and Woman Abuse Studies, London Metropolitan University

Funding or awards received

  • BME PhD Studentship - Fully funded: Kingston University



Davis, Jahnine and Marsh, Nicholas (2020) Boys to men: the cost of ‘adultification' in safeguarding responses to Black boys. Critical & Radical Social Work, 8(2), pp.255-259. ISSN (print) 2049-8608

Davis, Jahnine and Marsh, Nicholas (2020) Intersectionality: race, gender and other aspects of identity in social work with young people. Community Care,

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