Dr Paty Paliokosta


I am a Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education at Kingston University and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have been an educator for more than 20 years and my interest, experience and research in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion have been demonstrated in the context of various operational and strategic roles at school, local authority and higher education level. At KU, I have been involved in various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, as well as research and civic engagement projects. I founded and lead the 'Inclusion and Social Justice' Special Interest Group and I am currently course leader for the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination PgCert. I am the Personal Tutor Scheme Lead and the EDI representative for Kingston and St George's Joint Faculty Health, Social Care and Education, committed to improving access, participation and attainment for all.

Academic responsibilities

Senior lecturer in Special and Inclusive Education. FHSCE Personal Tutor Scheme Lead.


  • PhD, Inclusive Education, Canterbury Christ Church University
  • MEd in Special Educational Needs, University of Exeter
  • BA(Hons) in English Language and Literature (Stream of Linguistics), School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Certificate in Applied Linguistics, University of Amsterdam

Teaching and learning

My commitment, expertise and research in the field of Inclusive Education in the context of intersectionality have underpinned my professional identity and practice. Research-led teaching and learning in an interactive way with professional practice has been in the heart of my HE teaching and leadership approaches, in my school, faculty and across university. 

I have carried out development work, led modules and supervised students within a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses including Initial Teacher Education (BA and PgCert), Work-based Learning (Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practice), Masters of Research (MRes) and the Doctor of Education (EdD) programme.

In the context of my role as the Personal Tutor Scheme Lead for the Joint Faculty of Health, Social Care and  Education  (Kingston and St George's), I report to the Faculty Education Committee and I am committed to co-constructing empowering pedagogies with colleagues across disciplines, involving them in projects such as the 'EDI Audit' and the 'Supporting Students Inclusive Practice Placements' Network (AdvanceHE Connect grant). With my monthly, interactive, themed Forums and the relevant HSCE PTS Canvas module, I aim to draw on my colleagues' expertise and expand our collective repertoire around Social Justice in HE and drive forward the student academic support agenda in the Faculty with a focus on access, belonging, participation and good outcomes for all our students.

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


After my PhD at Canterbury Christ Church University in 2008, my research interests have focused on barriers to inclusive education, social construction and social justice, teachers' and practitioners' professionalism and different types of transitions. Recent studies have included 'Exploring the concept of reasonable adjustments in relation to disability and social justice for children and young people in a multi-professional context' (ICCIP grant), and an 'Evaluation of initial teacher education students' experiences from 20 day extended placement in a special needs school or resource setting' (TDA grant). I  project managed a DfE-funded project on 'Serious Case reviews' and between 2016 and 2018 I was involved in the civic engagement 'Fighting for our Rights' project in collaboration with KCIL, KU School of Nursing and local schools (Heritage Lottery Fund). I lead the Special interest group (SIG) on Inclusion and Social Justice and I supervise postgraduate student research, three of which at doctoral level.

EdD/ PhD Supervision

''Teacher Transition in International Schools: A narrative enquiry into the experiences and perceived needs of international school educators", EdD, Second Supervisor, School of Education, Kingston University, London, UK.  

''Exploring Theory, Policy and Practices of Inclusion in Palestine'', PhD, First Supervisor, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, KU and St George's, University of London.

''Missing Voices: An explorative study on how Black children communicate experiences of abuse in and outside the home''. PhD, Second supervisor, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, KU and St George's, University of London.

Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision


Number of items: 24.


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Book Section

Paliokosta, Paty and Proyer, Michelle (2015) 'Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties' im kontext inklusiver bildung in England - eine komplexe kategorie im wandel ['Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties' in the context of inclusive education in England - a complex category in transition]. In: Biewer, Gottfried , Bohm, Eva Theresa and Schutz, Sandra, (eds.) Inklusive pädagogik in der sekundarstufe [Inclusive education in secondary schools]. Stuttgart, Germany : Kohlhammer. pp. 39-56. ISBN 9783170297272

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Conference or Workshop Item

Paliokosta, Paty and Kostidakis, Theodoros (2019) Drama, process and story-making : multi-lingual children's self expression creation and imagination. In: LATE Spring Conference : We are our Stories; 09 Mar 2019, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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Rawlings, Anne, Paliokosta, Paty, Maisey, Daryl, Johnson, Jessica, Capstick, Jenny and Jones, Ray (2014) Study to investigate the barriers to learning from Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) and identify ways of overcoming these barriers. (Project Report) Manchester, U.K. : Department for Education. 112 p. ISBN 9781781053980

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Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

My activity on knowledge mobilisation with applicability on professional practice stems from an interplay of HE and profession-oriented work. For example in the context of my consultancy in an inner city School Improvement Service, I successfully bid for and developed projects with impact at Local Authority level and beyond. These included the following projects:

Transition from Primary to Secondary School'; Self-Evaluation Tool for Inclusion, which was later branded as ‘Award for Inclusion'; Drama for Feelings.

These tools and experiences had local impact and are still being used in my teaching and planning of HE courses, where I am using case studies of lived experiences to promote deeper understanding for students. 

Conversely, the development of material in my HE roles also influence educational practice at school, HE level and the community. Inspired by the oral history narratives captured as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded 'Fighting For our Rights project',  an Education Resource Pack was co-created with student teachers and is available to download here: http://www.kingstonfightingforourrights.co.uk/school-resources/.  The above multi-disciplinary civic-engagement project,  received the KU Inclusive curricula Award (2018) and the TEAN Commendation Award for Effective Teacher Education (2019).

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