Mrs Yumna Hawari Al-Hallak

Research project: Exploring theory, policy and practices of inclusion in Palestine.


This research aims to shed light on the importance of applying inclusive policies in practice in public education. To address cultural barriers within the school community in Palestine. 

To reflect on the reform of the educational system under the Palestinian Authority between (1994 to 2020.To determine the impact of changes in practice  within education that include inclusive education and lessons learned from English SEND's code of practice rules for 40 years. To study the extent to which public schools have met inclusive provision to include children with disabilities and learning difficulties within the current education system.

Design a framework for good practice model with a classification of learning difficulties.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Exploring theory, policy and practices of inclusion in Palestine.
  • Research supervisor: Dr Paty Paliokosta


Currently,I work as,  community Education Project Manager at children charity. I have worked in the past in different roles overseas  and in the UK charity sector.  

My experience with different projects for many years has enabled me to acquire many professional and social skills. My focus as a professional is in acquiring leadership and management skills where I can apply it in my practice.It has also gained experience dealing with the special education needs of children in our settings.

Following the degree of  research would broaden future options to contribute to the design of educational solutions for inclusive Education.

Areas of research interest

  • Inclusive Special Education Needs and Disailities
  • Learning Difficulties with down syndrome Spectrum
  • Learning Difficulties with Autism Spectrum
  • Early years Education with (SEND) Provision
  • Education & International Development
  • Education Leadership


  • MBA OF Business Administration.Sunderland University.UK
  • The Bachelor degree of Political Science. (Major)& Journalism (Minor).An Najah National University; Nablus.Palestine

Funding or awards received

  • St George's University, Faculty of Health,Social Care and Education