Mr John de Lima

Research project: Gillian Rose and the Political


This research project is concerned with the intellectual inheritance of Gillian Rose (1947-1995) within modern European philosophy and seeks to address the compatibility between her programmatic invocations of ‘critical Marxism' and ‘political theology'. The project attempts to scrutinise her existing reception in as much as it tends to register her authorship shorn of its radical political character. Through a critical restoration of Rose´s authorship with the Hegelian and Marxian genesis of her thought, a systematic reading of Rose´s political philosophy will address the implications of her thought for today´s political juncture. We scrutinise the viability Rose's Hegel, whom she argues not only anticipates Marx's critique in such a way as to render a neo-Hegelian political philosophy as both the superior grounds for the critique of capitalism as a culture, and, as she argues, ´the only way to link the analysis of the economy to comprehension of the conditions of revolutionary practice.´ Rose´s deeply subtle philosophical reflection upon the legacy and aporia of the philosophical tradition returns us to the early and late German idealist and romantic traditions, and the genesis and contemporary practice of sociology in its inheritance of a ´neo-Kantian´ ban on thinking the absolute, as not only our determination, but as our problem. It is the incapacity, Rose argued, of modern philosophical and political reflection to rehearse the dangers of the Fichtean positing ego, and the search for first principles, which has inhibited countless attempts to pursue a radical emancipatory politics, since they have inherited, but not known, the Kantian limitation of their vocation to the status of a measuring of appearances, to the a priori conditions of possibility of critiquing illusory being.


After having completed my M.A. in Philosophy and Contemporary Critical Theory at CRMEP, for which I prepared the Master´s dissertation, ´Theodor W. Adorno and Freedom´, I have moved forward to my doctoral studies. 

Areas of research interest

  • political philosophy
  • 19th and 20th century German philosophy
  • German romanticism


  • MA in Philosophy and Contemporary Critical Theory, CRMEP, Kingston