Jorge Varela

Research project: Immanent Activity in Alexandre Kojève's "Atheism"


In 1931 the young Kojève wrote a draft book called "Atheism" that was first published in 1998. In this book Kojève advanced one of the earliest and most challenging political phenomenologies ever written. Yet, the arguments remain mostly unknown and their implications unexplored. In my thesis I take out the full consequences of Kojève's book and I explore how it revises our conception of human community, action, and our conception of the world. My argument is that it is only through an experience of that which stands at the limit of human existence that our world can be understood as something different than a naturally or divinely given thing. 


I have a background in International politics and slowly transferred my interests to political philosophy and contemporary philosophy.

Areas of research interest

  • Philosophy of Law
  • French Philosophy
  • Political Theology
  • Atheism
  • Political Philosophy


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