Mr Joseph Onoja Ogbe

Research project: Characterization of urban heavy metal pollution from microplastics (MPs)


Microplastics are fragments with distinct sizes less than 5mm from broken-down large pieces of plastics. It has become a global health concern due to its omnipresence in the environment with unidentified hazards to organisms. Their inert nature has resulted in their accumulation in the environment, and they have been studied to be carriers of heavy metals. Microplastics exhibit various interactive outcomes, although these interactions are not well known, particularly the mechanisms behind these reactions and the risk the organisms are exposed to.

This study will prompt the possibility of diverse publishable projects. Possible projects from this research include but are not limited to;

  • Demonstrate whether these measure of pollution is hazardous to public health.
  • Assess the presence of heavy metals in plastics and vehicular emission

Moreover, this analysis will aid knowledge of MPs and heavy metals' sources, routes, and ecological risks.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Characterization of urban heavy metal pollution from microplastics (MPs)
  • Research supervisor: Dr Stephen Barton
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Rosa Busquets


I graduated from the University of Jos, Jos Plateau State, Nigeria, with a BSc in Pharmacy in 2010, after which I proceeded to a one-year internship at Federal Medical Centre Makurdi. I am passionate about the clinical aspect of the Pharmacy profession, and my love for patient and Pharmacist relationships is the reason I ventured into community Pharmacy practice from 2013 to 2017. The large number of counterfeits and adulterated drugs in circulation was one of the issues I discovered during my community practice that propelled my interest to study MSc in Pharmaceutical Analysis with Management with Professional Placement at Kingston University London in 2018. Becoming an expert in Pharmaceutical analysis and disseminating the necessary information to other health professionals and students that will bring a long-lasting solution to the menace caused by adulterated and substandard drugs is the reason for my PhD programme beginning in 2022.

Areas of research interest

  • Chemical analysis
  • Interpretation of data
  • Microplastics
  • Heavy metals
  • Raman spectra interpretation


  • M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Analysis with Management with Professional Placement, Kingston University London
  • B.Sc in Pharmacy, University of Jos, Jos Plateau State, Nigeria

Funding or awards received

  • Research Degree Bursary in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing, School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry.