Kyle Moore

Research project: Cadaver of Authority: Exploring algorithmic governance through the work of Alexandre Kojève


This project aims to investigate the concept of authority and legality through the work of Alexandre Kojève.  I propose to interrogate Kojève's relationship with Hegel, not merely in connection to the Phenomenology, but, more importantly, in regards to his writing on authority (Kojève 2007) and legality (Kojève 2014).  In doing so, the intention is to place these lesser known works of Kojève within the context of his Hegelian interpretations.  With this in mind, I will revisit Kojève's claim that man has reached a post-philosophical condition - in other words, a condition that eludes conceptual understanding - which is related, but not reducible, to a post-historical reality.  As a consequence, it can be inferred that man's action, according to Kojève's post-philosophy, is not revealed by meaningful discourse, but rather by (mathematical) algorithm. It nevertheless remains unclear how authority and legality might operate within such a post-philosophical reality. To answer this question it will be argued that Kojève's post-philosophical "subject" may be considered within the context of non-discursive or "algorithmic" action.  Following on this, the goal will be to reorient Kojève's notion of authority and phenomenology of right within the context of algorithmic governance.   While authority and legality represent two ontological and phenomenological distinct objects for Kojève, I intend to argue that the concept of algorithmic governance presents the possibility of their integration: can the machine magistrate? does it have authority?


Before joing the CRMEP I was employed as a post-doctoral research officer at the London School of Economics in the department of Finance from 2013 to 2017.  My previous education includes a PhD in Economics and MSc in both Sociology and Economics.

Areas of research interest

  • Political philosophy
  • German philosophy
  • French philosophy
  • Critical theory


  • PhD Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • MSc Sociology, London School of Economics
  • MSc Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • BSc Mathematics and Physics, University of British Columbia