Mr Luay Aboalsof

Research project: Integration of modern management technique into a strategic planning framework model to aid implementation of Operations and Strategic Management (OSM) in industrial companies


In today's global competition platform many industrial companies have the ambition to expand their business, accelerate their revenue growth, widen their operational regions, and diversify their products and services range. However majority of these companies do not have an optimised and effective strategic plan to help achieve these targets. Also it has proved to be challenging to evaluate which strategy is best for their particular operations.

This thesis proposes a strategic planning framework model, by using an intelligent algorithm, to guide these companies through an evaluation process to identify the most efficient solutions for their operational problems. The proposed framework will integrate various modern management techniques, including value engineering, resources optimization, benchmarking, productivity measurement, Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), logistic management, human resources and simulation modelling concept etc., to perform the evaluation process so that all the objectives will be aligned.

By using this framework model, implementation of a new operational strategic plan into a company can receive a constructive evaluation thus avoiding expensive disruption to its existing operations. Results can also be used to support the company ambition to grow and to improve their profit margin by simulating the quantifiable evidence.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Integration of modern management technique into a strategic planning framework model to aid implementation of Operations and Strategic Management (OSM) in industrial companies
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Andy Lung


I have an ambition and interests on general operations management researches, all are includes proposed thesis concept coming from a real practical lessons combined with hundreds of academic articles, researches on strategic operational management gained from work and through my Msc study.

I totally believe I would be a strong asset, bringing a great deal, a successful member on my PhD programme researches requirements, also very motivated, keen, ambitious, hard worker, team player, supportive, helpful to all other lecturers and students, that's because of my previous experiences, capability of working on a wide range of engineering, consultancy, operations of projects management of a capital delivery projects all around UK/ worldwide.

Capability of researches, practical experiences and academic area of interests are as follows:

  • Advanced Industrial projects management: New or current project set up, planning, budgeting, KPI's.

  • Business development management: for any size of business includes ERP or MRP, CRM concepts.

  • Operations management: if require includes supply chain and new process, operations efficiency…etc.

  • Business Information system: for any type of business, includes SWOT/PEST analysis techniques.

  • Industrial resources simulation: includes resources simulation, scheduling, design, process management.

  • Resources and capital management: if required includes resource capacity and business capital assets.

  • Risk management: includes scoring methodology for specific projects or generic typical business risks.

  • Financial cost control: includes margin improvements, profit analysis, shareholders and stakeholders.

  • Total quality management: Quality assurance, operational improvements, productivity and reliability.

  • Green engineering & energy efficiency: modern techniques and environmental friendly technologies.

Areas of research interest

  • Organisations operations management
  • Strategic and Change management
  • Business KPIs and strategic decision making
  • Logistics, supply chain, planning and projects scheduling
  • Simulation and enterprise resources planning
  • Enterprise risk management and risk analysis
  • PRINCE2 and projects management
  • Benchmarking and forecast performing
  • Financial impacts, EVM, and economics
  • Quality control management system


  • MSc Engineering Projects and System Management
  • BSc(Hons) Construction Engineering
  • CEng Chartered Engineering Council
  • MIET Member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology