Ms Lucy Coggle

Research project: Digital Scurvy; shimmering the screen


Digital Scurvy prises digitally native language from the screen and inhabits its formats, neologisms, structures and rhythms to test the possibilities these hold for expression, creation and subversion.  

The project explores our ever-inverting relationship to the technologies we construct: built in imitation of our perception of ourselves, this transliteration from human-to-digital inevitably introduces skews, novelties, misunderstandings, aberrations and inconsistencies. In short, a new vernacular is forged in the digital, one which bleeds back into the language it initially impersonated. This digital substance –  the mother tongue schooled online – has a different texture, weight and speed than it carried before. Re-introduced to a human, literary space of query and investigation, these qualities are felt out, inhabited, and held with a slower pace of attention than their origins anticipated; what has been neutered into instrumentalism, used solely as a signifier or code, once again sprawls with associative, transgressive potential. 

  • Research degree: Practice-based PhD
  • Title of project: Digital Scurvy; shimmering the screen
  • Research supervisor: Dr Dean Kenning
  • Other research supervisor: Mr Volker Eichelmann


As an artist using both text and image, this project has given unexpected prominence to the linguistic elements, and allowed them to flourish on their own. With degrees in both sculpture and English Language & Literature, these studio writings are constructing a new way of working, and allow a greater depth of correspondence between the two ways of thinking.


  • BA in English Language and Literature, Christ Church, Oxford
  • BA in Fine Art (Sculpture), Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, London
  • The Drawing Year MA, Royal Drawing School, London
  • Fine Art MA, Royal Academy Schools, London

Funding or awards received

  • TECHNE (AHRC) PhD scholarship