Mr Muke-Taty Kindembe

Research project: NDT methods and applications for assessment of FRP reinforced structural elements


At the moment there is not a full successful NDT method on its own as all of them have lapses that need fervent research that some are, time-consuming, fatigue test has to be stopped for a time, data interpretation.

Another thing to be consider (considered) is the electrical properties. Prolongation studies to develop the NDT apparatuses technology is a joint success to the NDT techniques as these two go in pairs.

This research will focus on two main issues that affect C-scan Out of all the NDT techniques, the first one is, time consuming due to cast number of tests that need to be conducted and secondly is the wobbliness of the impact source, which sets to deteriorate the quality of images. The research also would approve whether the automatic testing system has the autonomy solution of these problems. The system of imaging techniques would be developed for future use of composite materials structures


Currently working as an Engineering Assistant for a PFI project.

Areas of research interest

  • Fiber Reinforced Polymers applications
  • Structural elements behaviours
  • NDT image qualities


  • MSc in Structural Design and Construction Management with Sustainability, Kingston University London
  • BEng in Civil Engineering, Kingston University London