Miss Nihad Alhashimi

Research project: Engineering of particulate systems to modify the drug release across the orodispersible tablets


In the presence of different route of drugs administration and despite advantages offered by each one, the oral route is still the most preferred delivery system. However, Dysphagia and swallowing problems that could be associated with many diseases such as mouth ulcers, oesophageal and mouth cancer makes it difficult for the patient to swallow oral solid dosage forms. Orodispersible tablets (ODTs) were introduced to overcome swallowing difficulties. These tablets disintegrate in the mouth allowing the fast drug release into the biological system. Orodispersible tablets are also known as fast dissolving tablets. Many approaches have been explored and developed in order to improve ODTs properties. Sustained-release ODTs that are based on micro/nanoparticles have arisen from these studies, to decrease dose frequency and enhance patient compliance.In this project, polymers with high elastic properties have been utilized in the production of sustained release ODTs to control their integrity during the manufacturing process.


I am a pharmacist, with 5 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy. Experienced in the assessment of medications, quality control, providing excellent customer care by accurately dispensing prescribed medications by calculating, weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients.

I worked part-time during my first and second year of PhD at Kingston University as laboratory demonstrator. Also, I have done many voluntary works in different charity bodies such as fundraising, organizing the events and translating for the friends and ability to write well and adhere to a given framework.

Areas of research interest

  • Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmacology
  • Toxicology
  • Chemistry


  • BSc in Pharmacy Al-Mustansyria University, Iraq, Sep.2003 – Sep. 2008
  • MSc Pharmaceutical science, Kingston University, London, Sep. 2014 - Sep.2015