Mr Rahul Patel

Research project: Screening and Evaluating the effect of pharmaceutical excipients on the pharmacokinetics of therapeutic agents


Drug bioavailability depends greatly on the kinetics of drug absorption and metabolism. Some drugs are potent in-vitrobut they become ineffective in-vivo because their poor absorption or high clearance from the body. Pharmaceutical excipients might play an important role in modifying the pharmacokinetics of poorly bioavailable drugs. The aim ofthe proposed research is to holistically screen the effects of pharmaceutical excipients on the pharmacokinetics of three model drugs (erythromycin, phenytoin and vinblastine) at cellular level using PCR, western blot and in vitro metabolic stability studies and in vitro metabolic assays. This project will help us to have a better understanding about how the pharmaceutical excipients with superior pharmacokinetics properties will affect the delivery of drugs with poor bioavailability. Moreover, the molecular biology studies will help us to build a knowledge bridge between pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics.


My goal is to attain a higher level of knowledge of theoretical and practical applications associated with drug processes and analyses, to become a successful and active participant in the future of pharmaceuticals.

Bachelors in Pharmacy has given me a firm grounding of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics. MSc in Pharmaceutical Science helped me to explore and improve my knowledge gained from previous degree. Fundamental subjects I have studied include drug development and clinical trials, quality and analytical system, statistics and formulation of therapeutics, design, discovery and manufacture of medicines. Studying pharmacy and pharmaceutical science, I have learned that my strength lies in pharmacology and design, discovery and manufacture of medicines. Completing my MSc dissertation project has made me very resourceful in terms of locating different pieces of information from variety of online databases and has allowed me to critically evaluate complex data with minimal oversight and high level of professional integrity.

Areas of research interest

  • Pharmaceutics


  • MSc in Pharmaceutical Science, Kingston University
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy, Gujarat Technological University

Funding or awards received

  • £10,000 funding