Miss Zainab El Kashik

Research project: Improving the Effectiveness of Hybrid Shear Walls


Developing structural elements performance to resist seismic loading is one of the critical aspects towards the reduction of the impact of earthquake damages. Steel Shear Walls (SSW) is a system that has been investigated and used since early 1970s. It has significant benefits compared to other systems including reduction to structural impact from earthquake as elements with relatively low self-weight, substantial ductility, low cost and fast pace of construction.Traditional steel shear walls resist the lateral loading of external forces, but are not always the most useful, effective and economical approaches. Therefore, a hybrid shear walls were developed by using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) element attached to thin steel plates and connections on steel shear walls, which could achieve an increase in structural stiffness, higher tensile strength and high level of energy dissipation. Using FRP element does not only help to decrease the structure weight, but it also provides structural protection in cases of highly corrosive environment such as acid and chemical environment.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Improving the Effectiveness of Hybrid Shear Walls
  • Research supervisor: Dr Ted Donchev
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Diana Petkova


I graduated from Kingston University with a Bachelor of Engineering with honours first class. Currently, I'm a full-time PhD student researching ways to improve the effectiveness of Hybrid Shear Walls. Structural mechanics and design formed the primary basis that elevated my interest, which influenced me to choose the topic of my undergraduate dissertation to be FRP reinforced concrete frames subjected to seismic loading. This opportunity allowed me to experience first-hand laboratory work, further cementing my interest in this project and my desire to further research. Moreover, Kingston university is one of the few universities that provide technical and practical support to their student to learn and achieve more in the FRP field. I believe the completion of my PhD will provide me with extensive knowledge to embark in a career centred around the themes present in my research.

Areas of research interest

  • FRP fiber reinforced polymer
  • Steel shear walls


  • BEng Civil Engineering

Funding or awards received

  • Honours first class


Experimental investigation of FRP reinforced RC frames under cyclic in-plane loading 

Conference papers

Bachelor of Engineering