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STEM Outreach Centre

Age group Any (year 3 upwards)
Activity type Subject specific (STEM)
Group size Maximum 30
When On request throughout the year. Please provide at least 2 months' notice when making a request.
Duration Bespoke, generally 10am – 2.30pm
Location STEM Outreach Centre, Penrhyn Road Campus

an interactive floorOur STEM Outreach Centre provides a flexible, state-of-the-art space for schools, colleges and community groups to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Equipped with an interactive floor, a medical simulation robot, spectrometers and much, much more, we offer a range of activities from taster sessions to in-depth investigations. A visit to the STEM Outreach Centre offers your students the opportunity to use a range of university facilities as well as accessing a wider range of scientific equipment than a Lab in a Lorry visit.

We offer curriculum linked visits for each key stage themed around the following subjects. If the subject you require is not listed please get in touch to enquire further.

Please complete our booking form to enquire about a session in our STEM Outreach Centre for your pupils.

Key Stage 2

We offer a range of Key Stage 2 visits for pupils to learn about careers in STEM industries and discover the skills needed while exploring hands-on activities and experiments.

  • Be a Computer Scientist for a day
  • Be a Cyber Security Analyst for a day
  • Be a Climate Scientist for a day
  • Be a Biologist for a day
  • Be an Engineer for a day
  • Be a Chemist for a day

Key Stage 3

  • Thinking logically with coding – Pupils will expand their logical thinking skills through coding with our Lego Prime kits and robots.
  • Research skills in biology – Pupils will use their scientific thinking skills to complete a practical biology challenge.
  • Practical skills for Chemistry – Pupils will use their scientific thinking skills to complete a practical chemistry challenge.
  • Physics in action (engineering principles) – Pupils will use hands-on activities to apply their physics knowledge to engineering problems.

Key Stage 4

  • Environmental Science - Interactive activities for pupils to explore environmental science.
  • Biology - from concept to context – Pupils will put biology concepts and theories into action with a range of experiments designed to build their practical skills.
  • Chemistry - from concept to context – Pupils will put chemistry concepts and theories into action with a range of experiments designed to build their practical skills.
  • Exploring the physics behind engineering – Pupils will engage in engineering activities designed to give context to the physics principles learned in the classroom.

Key Stage 5

  • Analytical chemistry (NMR/IR) – Pupils will put the theory of NMR and IR spectroscopy into practice by preparing and analysing samples and gaining valuable practical skills.
  • Analytical chemistry (UV Vis) – Pupils will use our UV Vis to determine the concentration of an unknown solution, developing their skills in solution making and pipetting.
  • 2-Step Aspirin Synthesis – We have a limited number of spaces for pupils to visit our chemistry labs to complete 2-step aspirin synthesis. Available in September and April, these sessions allow pupils to get hands-on and learn the skills involved in this process.
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction – Pupils will take on the role of a forensic scientist to analyse DNA samples, completing a PCR and electrophoresis experiment. They'll learn the principles of these techniques as well as practical biology skills.
  • Microscopy – Pupils will investigate how fluorescence and light microscopes are used in practical biology and research. We also have limited availability to visit our scanning electron microscope.
  • Biological principles – Pupils will put their classroom learning into practice with hands-on activities. For example, this visit could include activities to understand the theory behind PCR, cancer biology activities and using our medical simulation robot to think about body physiology.

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Contact us

Education Liaison
Tel: +44 (0)7917 000093
Email us

Pupil, The Kingston Academy

"I really liked this and hope to be a forensic scientist at university."

Science coordinator, Southville Junior school

"The kids and staff absolutely loved it and had a fantastic time."