The Entryphone Company Ltd

Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the Entryphone Company Ltd

Kingston University and London-based SME, The Entryphone Company Ltd, were awarded a £335,000 grant by UK Research and Innovation through Innovate UK to fund a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) involving two Associates lasting two and a half years, and completed in 2019.

Entryphone had a strategic vision to develop new wireless door intercom solutions allowing users to interact with their entry door and visitors through their mobile device, from anywhere in the world. They needed multidisciplinary, specialist expertise and innovative product development based on recent research that Kingston University had to offer.

Under the supervision of Entryphone and academics from Kingston University's School of Computer Science and Mathematics, two skilled graduates successfully carried out the two projects leading to the development of new innovative, remote access products and technology.

The projects shifted Entryphone into a new mobile, connected era and enabled the company to enter new markets and attract new customer groups. Entryphone increased their sales and expanded their operations, and transformed the knowledge and culture of their workforce.

"This KTP facilitated the implementation of wireless technologies and the embedding of new skills within our company. The project has been vitally important to the ongoing success, indeed the survival, of Entryphone in the coming years."

Oliver Ashbee, Development Director, Entryphone