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Fashion Design Summer School

Date Attendance Time Course fee Location Action
05/08/19 – 09/08/19 5 days: Monday to Friday 10.30 – 16.00 £300 Foundation Studio Penryhn Road Book now

Course information

Why do this course?

This course is an introduction to fashion design for all ages, and in particular to students who are thinking of making an application to a foundation course, and who have a strong interest in fashion. However, others who just want a stimulating and challenging fashion design course in an art school environment are also welcome.

Course description

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of fashion trends; to differentiate between different research levels; and draw up customer profiles. Students will be introduced to fashion illustration and the basics of manipulating a garment and the process involved. We will not make a written assessment of work – the week is intended to develop creativity, produce work for students' folders, and to be good fun. We expect that students will gain much from their time with us and that they will leave Kingston University better equipped than when they joined us.

Course structure

Day 1: Fashion examples

Find a range of historical and contemporary fashion examples that contain interesting garment structure and construction techniques this could include raw edges, sculptural qualities such as pleating, contrasting surfaces etc. You will be working three-dimensionally and should consider images that clearly show: line, form, texture and structural details. Create an A1 research sheet identifying the key areas of interest within your chosen research.

Your customer: consider who you are designing for. Choose someone you think has great style, it could be a famous person, someone you know or a fictitious character.

Identify: who they are, what they do, how they think, where do they live, the event they will wear your garment to. Collect visual and written research that reflects this person and their lifestyle.

Create an A2 lifestyle board that reflects the key information you have gathered. Be selective as too much information can be confusing and dilute your message.

Day 2: Observing and recording

Morning – fill an A1 sheet with three or four observational drawings of your original garment. Use a range of materials which reflect the qualities found in your garment.

Afternoon – working in pairs you should select one piece of research from your research boards. Using a variety of paper you should construct a paper garment which reflects (not copies) your research. Explore how you can manipulate the paper to create different structural qualities.

Day 3: Deconstruct/reconstruct – design development

Begin to deconstruct your garment taking care not to rip your fabric and saving all pieces. Experiment on the mannequin, place different pieces together/ fold, pleat etc to create structure, record your experiments in your sketchbooks using photography and drawing.

Consider your experiments and begin to construct your final garment. Work on the mannequin or your fellow students.

Day 4: Reconstruct

Continue to reconstruct your garment.

Day 5: Fashion illustration

Morning – use the fashion illustration examples provided in the studio to experiment with a wide range of drawing media. Analyse each example considering the media used, style of drawing and possible methods used. Select appropriate materials and recreate at least five examples in your sketchbooks. You should work quickly and spend no more than 30 minutes per drawing.

Afternoon – select one method that you like and develop a finished fashion illustration of your final design. You will each present your work to the group and offer critical feedback.

Bespoke workshops

Kingston School of Art also offer custom-designed summer workshops in art, fashion and design subjects. For groups of 10 or more students. For further information contact 0208 417 4066.

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