In-sessional online courses for current Kingston students

This programme of courses and tutorials on written and spoken communication skills is open to everyone who wants to improve their academic performance and employability. It may be particularly suitable for the following students:

  • International and European students and students whose first language is not English
  • Students who have not studied in the UK before
  • Home students who would like to improve their academic writing and language
  • (If you are an international / European student and have at least 5.0 IELTS and need to improve your English language skills before enrolling at the University, you can apply to our Pre-Sessional English Language courses.)

Types of courses

Current students of Kingston University are able to enrol for free on a range of programmes to help and support their English.

English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD)

Our English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD) programme provides a wide range of support in English to help you succeed in your degree. Programme and enrolment details can be found here.

The wide range of EAPD options includes:

'Open' courses

These classes are open to students from any faculty but they take place at the Penrhyn Road campus. Each course focuses on a particular skill e.g. assignment writing, presentations or aspect of language. Most of the courses last for nine weeks. The courses are free and voluntary but we do ask that you try to attend every week. Students can gain 10 points for their KINGSTON AWARD by attending 80% of the course. To register, choose the course, check your timetable and make sure you are free to attend. You can self-enrol, signing up via this link.

'In your faculty' courses

These courses are only open to students of your faculty. They cover the specific skills e.g. assignment writing that you need for courses in your faculty and the courses are nine weeks long. Students can gain 10 points for their Kingston Award by attending 80% of the course. To register, choose the course, check your timetable and make sure you are free to attend. You can self-enrol, signing up via this link.

Kingston Language Scheme (KLS) English Courses

These courses aim to develop all four skills in academic and professional contexts. A range of stimulating topics forms the basis for integrated practice of skills and language. These courses are offered at three language levels. Students receive regular feedback on their progress, are assessed and can gain 15 points for their Kingston Award if they have attended 80% of the course and done all the assessments.

For Erasmus and Study Abroad students, this module can be taken for credit. We recommend that home institutions grant 7.5 ECTS on completion of the course in accordance with the course specifications. You will need to discuss this with your Study Abroad/ Erasmus coordinator in the first weeks of the course and tell your KLS teacher if you want to take this course for credit.

Registration: If you are interested in doing one of these KLS English courses, please go to this page

Attendance and assessment: You will be assessed on your progress, sometimes in class, and must be able to attend every class and do some work outside class.

Writing Cafe - Bookable one-to-one tutorials in the LRCs - get individual support with your writing

Venues: The Libraries at Penrhyn Road, Kingston Hill and Knights Park.

Book a tutorial now. Follow this link to guarantee a 30-minute session. Bring your work-in-progress with you for advice.