Dr Frank Owusu-Sekyere


I am a Chartered Psychologist, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. My research focusses on health, wellbeing and integrity issues in sport and exercise. I have a specific research interest in safeguarding children in sport.

I completed my PhD at Brunel University where I conducted a global investigation of child maltreatment in youth sport. During this time, I also worked as one of the original researchers who oversaw the development of the International Safeguards for Children in Sport and its accompanying implementation guide. This built upon over 10 years of experience working with young athletes at all levels of sport in various performance and pastoral centred roles.

In my role as a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology I foster an active learning environment which bridges conceptual understanding of the psychological factors in sport and exercise, with practical understanding of the real-world implementation of this content. This provides a platform to help facilitate graduates who are resourceful and can effectively problem solve, while possessing the appropriate knowledge and skills to be successful in their chosen discipline.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology


  • PhD Sport and Exercise Sciences (Brunel University)
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (Brunel University)
  • GradDip Psychology (Middlesex University)
  • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Sciences (Brunel University)

Teaching and learning


Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision

Case studies

Swann, Nicola, Moir, Hannah [Collaborator], Owusu-Sekyere, Frank [Collaborator], Boddie, Tia [Collaborator] and Barber, Diana [Collaborator] (2020) Inclusivity in Pre-Assessment Support. Internal Kingston University Report, unpublished.

An attainment gap persists between our UK domiciled white students and students of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups (BAME), despite the best efforts of the inclusive curriculum framework. It has previously been identified that use of academic language can be a contributing factor to lower attainment for BAME students (Open University Annual Report, 2013) and that they may be less likely to access support (Stuart et al., 2011). I set up a SADRAS project in collaboration with students and staff to investigate the use of pre-assessment support in Sport Science courses at Kingston University and explored students’ preferences, to determine whether differences were evident between BAME and white students. Results suggested differences in both use of academic support and preferences between student groups, with availability and location highlighted as constraints of use for BAME students. The results of this preliminary study were presented at the Advance HE Assessment and Feedback Symposium, leading to further dissemination at an invited seminar with the Open University STEM Pedagogy Group (eSTEeM). I am now extending the research with a second SADRAS project, extending the analysis to undergraduate students throughout the SEC Faculty.

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Book Section

Swann, Nicola, Boddie, Tia, Owusu-Sekyere, Frank and Moir, Hannah Jayne (2020) Pre-assessment support : is it 'one size fits all'? In: Baughan, Patrick, (ed.) Assessment and feedback in a post-pandemic era : a time for learning and inclusion. U.K. : AdvanceHE. pp. 105-117. ISBN 9781916359321

Conference or Workshop Item

Swann, Nicola, Moir, Hannah, Owusu-Sekyere, Frank and Boddie, Tia (2020) Pre-assessment support – Is it one size fits all? In: AdvanceHE Assessment and Feedback Symposium 2020; 28th Oct 2020, Held Online. (Unpublished)

Swann, Nicola, Moir, Hannah, Owusu-Sekyere, Frank, Boddie, Tia and Barber, Diana (2020) Pre-assessment support : student uptake and preferences. In: Kingston University Festival of Learning 2020 : Supporting Students and Staff in Challenging Times; 23 Jun 2020, Kingston upon Thames, U.K. (Held online). (Unpublished)

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