Dr Ruth Wood


My research interests involve the pedagogy of educational technology, more specifically, the interface between learner, teacher and the technology including the design and use of multimedia and multimodal forms of communication in a range of education settings. Challenges associated with the design, development and implementation of technological innovations and the potential role of the teacher and learner remain central, active ingredients of my research.

Academic responsibilities

Associate Professor


  • EdD (Kingston University)
  • MA (Ed) (Kingston University)
  • BA (Hons) (Kingston Polytechnic)
  • Post Graduate Certificate: Embedding Learning Technologies (University of North London)
  • Post Graduate Diploma:Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (University of North London)
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

Teaching and learning


Research student supervision


Number of items: 29.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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Wood, Ruth Helen (2010) An exploration of children's experiences of interactive multimedia text : a case study. (Ed.D thesis), Kingston University, .

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