Mrs Sue Lansley


I am the Course Lead for the  PG Diploma  in Social Work - Step UP-  and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Care. I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and work closely with the Developing Together Teaching Partnership, working with our partner agencies to develop social work education and social work practice across the local region. 

I am a registered social worker and qualified in social work at the University of Nottingham 1997. Throughout my career I have worked in children and families social work and managed social work teams in child protection and court proceedings. Alongside this I have supported students on their placement and assessed newly qualified social workers in their Assessed and Supported Year in Practice. I am passionate about supporting students to develop their knowledge and skills in working with families using strengths based approaches and  relationship based practice. 

My role in the department includes teaching across all the social work programmes, BA, MSW and BA Apprenticeship with a focus on social work theory and models of practice and critical analysis. I also teach on Post Qualifying courses on Management in Social Work Practice and Restoring Social Work Practice, for those social workers who are wanting to return to practice. 

I have research interests in the use of assessment tools in social work practice  and the role  team culture plays in both  practice culture and  retaining social workers in organisations. I continue to work closely with social workers in practice through the Teaching Partnership, creating an early career development plan to support social workers in  their career journey. 

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Social Work


  • 1994 BA Hons History
  • 1997 Masters /Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work University of Nottingham
  • 2016 Management in Social Work - Post Graduate Certificate in Social Work
  • 2020 Coaching and Mentoring - Post Graduate Certificate in Social Work
  • 2022 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching and learning

 As an educator of social work I draw on my personal values of being anti discriminatory and inclusive to ensure students are motivated and empowered to learn within the classroom. I aim to create a safe space where students  feel respected, valued and confident to share their views, personal experiences and reflections on their practice which enables deeper learning and fosters positive relationships between students. I am passionate about incorporating creativity into teaching through encouraging students to use art, craft an digital design to form and share ideas and foster critical thinking.  

My involvement in the Developing Together Teaching Partnership allows me to work closely with our Local Authority partners in South West London. I am motivated to ensure my social work teaching is current and draw on the expertise of our Teaching Consultants,  who are experienced social work practitioners who come into the classroom  to share their knowledge with students and ensure teaching is aligned to contemporary social work practice. 

I have close links across the Teaching Partnership and am involved in teaching on PQ courses and delivering workshops to partners on early career management in social work and strengths based approaches in social work practice. Being so closely connected to social work practice enables the content of my teaching to remain fresh and current for students to enable them to be the best social workers they can be to improve outcomes for the people with whom they serve in the community. 

Qualifications and expertise

  • FHEA

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught

Business, knowledge transfer and international

Prior to joining Kingston University in the Department of Social Work, I was the Social Work Lead for the Developing Together Teaching Partnership. This partnership beings together the Local Authority's delivering social work services across South West London  as well as the NSPCC and Welcare. Through this role I forged close relationships with or local partners where we worked to develop social work knowledge and practice skills throughout social workers professional journey. I have continued to be involved in this work in my current role in the University and am a member of the Strategic and Operational Board of the Teaching Partnership.

With our partners we have supported the development of  the Early Career Framework for social workers in Year 2 and 3 of their career to provide further learning, training and support with an aim to improve the retention of social workers. We also delivered a programme of learning and knowledge transfer for early career social work managers to support them in their transition into management.  

Industry links

  • Developing Together Teaching Partnership