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Sport science

Our hands-on course studies the science that underpins sports participation and how the body's performance can be improved, using our state-of-the-art sports laboratories.

This course is endorsed by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) and you'll gain the CIMSPA Coaching Assistant qualification after successfully completing your first year.

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Nutrition is a growing field with roles in industry and public sector – public health, NHS, clinical research, food legislation and product development. Our nutrition courses are accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN).

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Our facilities

Our modern nutrition kitchen is a dedicated space that has been designed to the latest specifications. It is a flexible and inviting teaching space which we use for food science practicals, research projects and student nutrition society events along with small group teaching (e.g. assignment and revision tutorials) and personal tutor meetings.

Our exercise physiology laboratory has sophisticated equipment that allows us to measure the physiological responses to exercise, such as: oxygen consumption, fat oxidation, heart rate, blood pressure and haematological responses, along with facilities to assess these in alternate environmental conditions through use of our altitude and heat chambers.

We have a number of ergometers (e.g. treadmill, cycle, rowing kayak) for analysing sports-specific performance.

Our facilities

Future Skills

Embedded within every course curriculum and throughout the whole Kingston experience, Future Skills will play a role in shaping you to become a future-proof graduate, providing you with the skills most valued by employers such as problem-solving, digital competency, and adaptability.

As you progress through your degree, you'll learn to navigate, explore and apply these graduate skills, learning to demonstrate and articulate to employers how future skills give you the edge.

At Kingston University, we're not just keeping up with change, we're creating it.

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