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Kingston University has a wealth of media commentators who are able to speak on a large variety of subjects.

If you require specialist comment from an academic expert, please choose a name from the list below or take a look at the subjects we have experts for. Please contact the Communications team if you have any media enquiries.

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Orna Almog
Barry Avery
Adam Baker
Peter Barrington
Alison Baverstock
Robert Blackburn
Will Brooker
James Brouner
Vesna Brujic-Okretic
Chris Cairns
Mark Carew
Brian Cathcart
Elizabeth Chell
Gordana Collier
Lisa Collingwood
Andrew Curley
Hilary Dalke
Francesca Dall'Olmo Riley
Vince Daly
Penny Darbyshire
Maggie Davenport
John Davis
Paul Dixon
Katie Dray
Gregory Durston
Alan Dykes
Karen Elcock
Richard Ennals
Fatima Felisberti
Sue Fergy
Mark Fielder
Julia Gale
Audley Genus
Costas Georgopoulos
Bahram Ghiassee
Gavin Gillmore
Jonathan Gilmore
Ian Greatbatch
Nan Greenwood
Keith Grieves
Peter Hallward
Tim Harries
Frances Harris
Susan Hawkins
Luke Hebbes
Sue Hiley
Marko Hoare
Keith Houghton
Rupa Huq
Ian Jarvis
Carolyn Johnston
Graeme Jones
Ray Jones
Fiona Jones
Yamuna D Kaluarachchi
Andrey Karlyshev
Reem Kayyali
Marcus Leis Allion
Rachel Lewis
Marisa Linton
Wendy Lomax
Catherine McDermott
Robin Middlehurst
Hannah Moir
Stephanie Morgan
James Morrison
Yasmin Mukadam
Geoff Newiss
Ana Nikcevic
Emmanouil Noikokyris
Jeremy Nuttall
Peter Osborne
Anil Padhra
Robin Pettitt
Craig Phelan
Barbara Pierscionek
Christos Politis
Caroline Potter
Mark Preece
Beth Pummell
Jose R. Sanchez-Fung
Gita Ramdharry
Andy Rankin
Paolo Remagnino
Elinor Renfrew
Ruth Rettie
Fiona Ross CBE
Anne Rowe
Muthanna Samara
Stella Sandford
Pamela Sellman
Philip Spencer
Engelbert Stockhammer
David Stokes
Nicola Swann
Hilary Tompsett
Irene Tuffrey-Wijne
Chris Tye
Claudia Uller
Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau
Jo Van Herwegen
Tony Walker
Martyn Waller
Maurice Walsh
Adam Westbrook
Steve Woodfield

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Subject list

Subject area Expert
20th century French composers Caroline Potter
20th century Latin America Maurice Walsh
A&E nursing Chris Tye
Maggie Davenport
Abortion (psychological aspects of) Ana Nikcevic
ADHD Muthanna Samara
Adult nursing Chris Tye
Julia Gale
Karen Elcock
Maggie Davenport
Advanced structural design Costas Georgopoulos
Advanced wireless communications Christos Politis
Aerodynamics Peter Barrington
Ageing population Yamuna D Kaluarachchi
Air transport economies Anil Padhra
Aircraft electrical systems Andrew Curley
Anil Padhra
Aircraft fuel efficiency Anil Padhra
Aircraft maintenance Peter Barrington
Aircraft maintenance and avionics Andrew Curley
Aircraft performance Anil Padhra
Peter Barrington
Airline operational research Anil Padhra
Airline operations and scheduling Anil Padhra
Airspace management Anil Padhra
Alice in Wonderland Will Brooker
Ancient climates Ian Jarvis
Anglo-German relations John Davis
Anglo-Israeli relationship Orna Almog
Anti-Semitism Philip Spencer
Antibiotic resistance Mark Fielder
Applied microbiology Andrey Karlyshev
Arab-Israeli conflict Orna Almog
Armed conflict Jonathan Gilmore
Marko Hoare
Artificial Intelligence Richard Ennals
Paolo Remagnino
Asian culture Rupa Huq
Astronautics Adam Baker
Andrew Curley
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children Muthanna Samara
Autonomous vehicles Lisa Collingwood
Aviation meterology Anil Padhra
Avionics Andrew Curley
Baby P case Ray Jones
Bacterial pathogens Andrey Karlyshev
Bacterial virulence factors Andrey Karlyshev
Batman Will Brooker
Behaviour change Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau
Ruth Rettie
Tim Harries
Bilharzia Tony Walker
Biogeography Martyn Waller
Biomechanics Nicola Swann
James Brouner
Bird flu Mark Fielder
Borderless Higher Education Robin Middlehurst
Bosnia-Hercegovina Marko Hoare
Bosnian War Marko Hoare
Brand design Marcus Leis Allion
Brand extensions Francesca Dall'Olmo Riley
Brand management Wendy Lomax
Francesca Dall'Olmo Riley
Brexit Engelbert Stockhammer
Vince Daly
Rupa Huq
Emmanouil Noikokyris
Alison Baverstock
Mark Fielder
Robert Blackburn
Robin Pettitt
British and German history John Davis
British counterinsurgency Paul Dixon
British elections Jeremy Nuttall
Robin Pettitt
British Labour party Robin Pettitt
Jeremy Nuttall
British Nuclear History Brian Cathcart
British political parties Jeremy Nuttall
British politics Robin Pettitt
Jeremy Nuttall
British Politics in the 20th century Jeremy Nuttall
British Society during and after The Great War Keith Grieves
British Weather Brian Cathcart
Broadband networks Christos Politis
Bullying at home Muthanna Samara
Bullying at school Muthanna Samara
Business exit Robert Blackburn
Business information technology Vince Daly
Barry Avery
Campylobacter jejuni Andrey Karlyshev
Cataracts Barbara Pierscionek
CCTV Graeme Jones
Paolo Remagnino
Cell biology Tony Walker
Mark Carew
Cell signalling Mark Carew
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Gita Ramdharry
Child protection Ray Jones
Child psychology Jo Van Herwegen
Childhood development - cognitive, social, emotional Jo Van Herwegen
Children of war Muthanna Samara
Children's Literature Anne Rowe
Children's nursing Julia Gale
Citizenship education Richard Ennals
Civil war Jonathan Gilmore
Claude Debussy Caroline Potter
Climate change Ian Jarvis
Clinical ethics committees Carolyn Johnston
Clinical pharmacy Chris Cairns
Reem Kayyali
Coastal erosion Alan Dykes
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Ana Nikcevic
Cognitive radio Christos Politis
Cold War John Davis
Colour measurement Hilary Dalke
Communications in a crisis Christos Politis
Communications in a disaster Christos Politis
Communications with people with learning difficulties Irene Tuffrey-Wijne
Community and ethnicity Rupa Huq
Community based natural resource management Frances Harris
Community pharmacy services Reem Kayyali
Compassionate care Fiona Ross CBE
Computer games programming Paolo Remagnino
Computer programming Barry Avery
Computer science Vesna Brujic-Okretic
Computer vision and image processing Graeme Jones
Conflict resolution in the Middle East Orna Almog
Consumer dissatisfaction Wendy Lomax
Consumer satisfaction Wendy Lomax
Contemporary British fiction Anne Rowe
Contemporary composers Caroline Potter
Contemporary history Jeremy Nuttall
Corporate responsibility Richard Ennals
Counterfactual thinking in sports performance Katie Dray
Counterinsurgency Paul Dixon
Jonathan Gilmore
Creative writing Alison Baverstock
Credit card security Luke Hebbes
Crime Brian Cathcart
Criminal justice Penny Darbyshire
Criminal justice history Gregory Durston
Criminology Rupa Huq
Croat-Bosniak War Marko Hoare
Curating and 20th century product design (including fashion design) Catherine McDermott
Curiosity rover Adam Baker
Cyber security Luke Hebbes
Cystic fibrosis Mark Carew
Data breaches Luke Hebbes
Data leakage Luke Hebbes
Database systems Barry Avery
David Bowie Will Brooker
David Cameron Jeremy Nuttall
Decision making Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau
Design for Environments Hilary Dalke
Design history Marcus Leis Allion
Developing resilience at work Rachel Lewis
Digital communications Christos Politis
Digital Imaging Paolo Remagnino
Disaster management Ian Greatbatch
Domestic energy consumption Tim Harries
Drug resistance Mark Fielder
E. coli Mark Fielder
Early years childcare Yasmin Mukadam
Early years learning and development Jo Van Herwegen
Yasmin Mukadam
Earthquake engineering Costas Georgopoulos
Earthquake-resistant design Costas Georgopoulos
Eary years foundation stage Yasmin Mukadam
Ebola Mark Fielder
Econometrics Vince Daly
Economic growth Engelbert Stockhammer
Economic policy Jose R. Sanchez-Fung
Engelbert Stockhammer
Economics Vince Daly
Engelbert Stockhammer
Educating engineers Gordana Collier
Education policy nursing Fiona Ross CBE
Effects of news media James Morrison
Elections Robin Pettitt
Electoral systems Robin Pettitt
Electric vehicles Gordana Collier
Embedded systems Gordana Collier
Emergency nurse practitioners Chris Tye
Emerging markets Jose R. Sanchez-Fung
Emotion perception Fatima Felisberti
Emotional development in babies Claudia Uller
Emotional intelligence in the early years stage Yasmin Mukadam
Employee well being Rachel Lewis
Employment Robert Blackburn
End of life care of people with learning difficulties Irene Tuffrey-Wijne
Energy consumption Ruth Rettie
Energy consumption behaviour change Yamuna D Kaluarachchi
English legal system Penny Darbyshire
Entrepreneurial behaviour Elizabeth Chell
Entrepreneurial personality Elizabeth Chell
Entrepreneurship Elizabeth Chell
Entrepreneurship and risk taking Elizabeth Chell
Entrepreneurship and young people Elizabeth Chell
Environmental education Frances Harris
Environmental law and policy Bahram Ghiassee
Environmental management Frances Harris
Environmental microbiology Andrey Karlyshev
Environmental planning Bahram Ghiassee
Ethnic cleansing Marko Hoare
Ethnicity Rupa Huq
EU Referendum Jeremy Nuttall
Robin Pettitt
European studies Philip Spencer
Eurozone Engelbert Stockhammer
Exercise in the heat James Brouner
Exercise performance Hannah Moir
James Brouner
Exercise training Hannah Moir
James Brouner
Eye lens transplants Barbara Pierscionek
Face perception Fatima Felisberti
Face recognition Fatima Felisberti
Facebook Adam Westbrook
Luke Hebbes
Fashion design Elinor Renfrew
Feminism Stella Sandford
Feminist theory Stella Sandford
Film studies Will Brooker
Financial markets Engelbert Stockhammer
Emmanouil Noikokyris
Financial stability Engelbert Stockhammer
Flight crew planning Anil Padhra
Flood hazard Tim Harries
Flood insurance Tim Harries
Flooding Tim Harries
Fonts Marcus Leis Allion
Food and farming Frances Harris
Food microbiology Mark Fielder
Andrey Karlyshev
Fossil fuels Andy Rankin
French composers Caroline Potter
French Revolution Marisa Linton
Future of news Adam Westbrook
Gagging orders Brian Cathcart
Gait analysis Nicola Swann
General elections Robin Pettitt
Genocide Philip Spencer
Marko Hoare
Genome sequencing Andrey Karlyshev
Geographic Information Systems Ian Greatbatch
GIS Ian Greatbatch
Glaucoma Barbara Pierscionek
Graphic design Marcus Leis Allion
Great War Keith Grieves
Haiti earthquake Peter Hallward
Health and well being Hannah Moir
Healthcare ethics Chris Cairns
Healthcare workforce Fiona Ross CBE
Henri Dutilleux Caroline Potter
Historical aspects of health care provision (19th and early 20th centuries) Susan Hawkins
History of Surrey (19th and 20th centuries) Keith Grieves
History of Sussex (19th and 20th centuries) Keith Grieves
History of trade unions Craig Phelan
Holocaust Philip Spencer
Human behaviour and evolution Fatima Felisberti
Human Rights Jonathan Gilmore
Human Rights (and history of) Philip Spencer
Humanitarian intervention Jonathan Gilmore
Hygiene and health Mark Fielder
Hypermobility Nicola Swann
Image and video understanding Paolo Remagnino
Impact of individual and social norms feedback Ruth Rettie
Impact of the First World War on rural communities in England Keith Grieves
Income distribution Engelbert Stockhammer
Industrial action Craig Phelan
Infectious disease Mark Fielder
Inflation Engelbert Stockhammer
Jose R. Sanchez-Fung
Emmanouil Noikokyris
Informal carers Nan Greenwood
Information systems Vesna Brujic-Okretic
Injunctions Brian Cathcart
Innovation Richard Ennals
Audley Genus
Intelligent CCTV Graeme Jones
Paolo Remagnino
Interactive learning technology Reem Kayyali
International conflict Philip Spencer
International finance Emmanouil Noikokyris
International Higher Education Strategy Steve Woodfield
Robin Middlehurst
International justice Marko Hoare
International partnernships and networks Steve Woodfield
International relations Jonathan Gilmore
International relations (post 1945 history of) John Davis
International Space Station Adam Baker
International strategy development Steve Woodfield
International student mobility Steve Woodfield
International trade law Pamela Sellman
Internet wireless networks Christos Politis
Intuition Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau
Ireland 1890 - 1990 especially media and culture Maurice Walsh
Iris Murdoch Anne Rowe
Israeli elections Orna Almog
Israeli foreign policy Orna Almog
Israeli-Anglo relationship Orna Almog
Israeli-Arab conflict Orna Almog
IT data safeguarding Luke Hebbes
Jacobins Marisa Linton
Journalism Brian Cathcart
Adam Westbrook
James Morrison
Journalism - Arts Journalism James Morrison
Journalism - British Politics James Morrison
Brian Cathcart
Journalism - Investigations James Morrison
Journalism and politics Maurice Walsh
Judges - how they work Penny Darbyshire
Jury system Penny Darbyshire
Kingston Readers' Festival Alison Baverstock
Kosovo Marko Hoare
Labour party Robin Pettitt
Jeremy Nuttall
Landslides Alan Dykes
Language impairments in children Jo Van Herwegen
Law Penny Darbyshire
Law and ethics of eye care practice Barbara Pierscionek
Leadership and leadership development in Higher Education Robin Middlehurst
Leadership and management Stephanie Morgan
Leadership, management and governance in Higher Education. Steve Woodfield
Learning disability nursing Julia Gale
Legal System (English) Penny Darbyshire
Legionnaires' disease Mark Fielder
Liberal Democrats Jeremy Nuttall
Lighting Hilary Dalke
Literary journalism Maurice Walsh
Logo design Marcus Leis Allion
Logos Marcus Leis Allion
London 2012 Hannah Moir
Katie Dray
Beth Pummell
Low carbon living Yamuna D Kaluarachchi
Luxury brands Francesca Dall'Olmo Riley
Magistrates Penny Darbyshire
Management competencies for enhancing employee engagement Rachel Lewis
Management competencies for preventing and reducing stress at work Rachel Lewis
Managing conflict at work Rachel Lewis
Managing stress in the work force Rachel Lewis
Margaret Thatcher Jeremy Nuttall
Market research Wendy Lomax
Marketing Wendy Lomax
Mars exploration Adam Baker
Mars rover Adam Baker
Mass violence Philip Spencer
Match analysis James Brouner
Mediation Pamela Sellman
Mediation in the Arab-Israeli conflict Orna Almog
Medical ethics Carolyn Johnston
Medical law Carolyn Johnston
Medical microbiology Mark Fielder
Andrey Karlyshev
Medicine safety Chris Cairns
Medicines in older people Chris Cairns
Medicines management Chris Cairns
Mental health nursing Julia Gale
Microbiology Mark Fielder
Andrey Karlyshev
Middle East Orna Almog
Midwifery Fiona Ross CBE
Mineral Deposits Andy Rankin
Minerals Andy Rankin
Miscarriage Ana Nikcevic
Missing people Geoff Newiss
Ian Greatbatch
Misuse of private information online Lisa Collingwood
Mobile phone apps Vesna Brujic-Okretic
Barry Avery
Mobile technologies Barry Avery
Modern European history Jeremy Nuttall
Modern European Philosophy Peter Hallward
Peter Osborne
Stella Sandford
Monetary and development policies Jose R. Sanchez-Fung
Monetary policy Engelbert Stockhammer
Jose R. Sanchez-Fung
Emmanouil Noikokyris
Moral panics James Morrison
Mother-baby relationship Claudia Uller
MRSA Mark Fielder
Mudslides Alan Dykes
Multimedia production Adam Westbrook
Muscular injury Nicola Swann
Muslim culture Rupa Huq
Nadia and Lili Boulanger Caroline Potter
NASA missions Adam Baker
Neuro pharmacology Mark Preece
Neuro-rehabilitation Fiona Jones
Neurological physiotherapy Gita Ramdharry
Neuromuscular diseases Gita Ramdharry
New Labour Jeremy Nuttall
News portrayals of children and young people in the UK James Morrison
Non fiction writing Maurice Walsh
Northern Ireland conflict and the peace process Paul Dixon
Nuclear energy Bahram Ghiassee
Nuclear law Bahram Ghiassee
Nuclear non-proliferation Bahram Ghiassee
Nuclear security Bahram Ghiassee
Nudge approach Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau
Tim Harries
Numerical abilities in infants and children Claudia Uller
Nursing Chris Tye
Fiona Ross CBE
Julia Gale
Sue Fergy
Karen Elcock
Maggie Davenport
Nursing - student recruitment and retention Julia Gale
Karen Elcock
Nursing education Julia Gale
Sue Fergy
Karen Elcock
Maggie Davenport
Nursing mentors Karen Elcock
Nursing older people Fiona Ross CBE
Nutritional supplements Hannah Moir
Occupational psychology Stephanie Morgan
Offshoring Stephanie Morgan
Olympics Hannah Moir
Katie Dray
Beth Pummell
On-going development of very premature babies Muthanna Samara
On-line social networks - business and learning Stephanie Morgan
Online banking security Luke Hebbes
Online communications Lisa Collingwood
online grocery shopping Francesca Dall'Olmo Riley
Online shopping Francesca Dall'Olmo Riley
Online video Adam Westbrook
Origins of knowledge in humans and other animals Claudia Uller
Orthotics Nicola Swann
Outsourcing Stephanie Morgan
Palestinian refugees Orna Almog
Palliative care of people with learning difficulties Irene Tuffrey-Wijne
Peace keeping Jonathan Gilmore
Peace operations Jonathan Gilmore
Personality testing Stephanie Morgan
Pharmacology Mark Carew
Pharmacy law and ethics Chris Cairns
Reem Kayyali
Pharmacy practice Chris Cairns
Reem Kayyali
Philosophy Peter Hallward
Peter Osborne
Stella Sandford
Phishing Luke Hebbes
Physical Activity James Brouner
Ruth Rettie
Physiotherapy Fiona Jones
Policing Brian Cathcart
Politics and political parties Robin Pettitt
Rupa Huq
Polycystic kidney disease Mark Carew
Popular cinema Will Brooker
Popular culture Will Brooker
Popular music Rupa Huq
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in children Muthanna Samara
Post war prime ministers Jeremy Nuttall
Post-natal depression Claudia Uller
Pregnancy termination (psychological aspects of) Ana Nikcevic
Primary care nursing Fiona Ross CBE
Primary education Sue Hiley
Privacy laws Brian Cathcart
Progressive neuro-muscular disorders Gita Ramdharry
Prosthetics Nicola Swann
Provision of physiotherapy Gita Ramdharry
Psychological aspects of pregnancy loss Ana Nikcevic
Psychological aspects of social media at work Stephanie Morgan
Psychology of Art Fatima Felisberti
Psychology of coaching (in sports) Katie Dray
Psychology of risk and uncertainty Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau
Psychometric testing Stephanie Morgan
PTSD in children Muthanna Samara
Public policy initiatives and evaluations Robert Blackburn
Public sector strikes Craig Phelan
Publishing Alison Baverstock
Quality assurance and quality enhancement in Higher Education Steve Woodfield
Robin Middlehurst
Quantified self Ruth Rettie
Quaternary Science Martyn Waller
Race Brian Cathcart
Radon Gavin Gillmore
Radovan Karadzic Marko Hoare
Rain Brian Cathcart
Rainfall patterns Alan Dykes
Ratko Mladic Marko Hoare
Regulatory behaviour problems - crying, feeding, sleeping. Muthanna Samara
Renewable Energy Audley Genus
Research ethics Chris Cairns
Risk and behaviour Tim Harries
Risk communication Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau
Risk taking Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau
Tim Harries
Robotics and distributed artificial intelligence Paolo Remagnino
Rockets Adam Baker
Rockfalls Alan Dykes
Role of the author Alison Baverstock
Rural livelihoods Frances Harris
Safeguarding children Ray Jones
Satellites Adam Baker
Schistosomiasis Tony Walker
Search and rescue Ian Greatbatch
Self-publishing Alison Baverstock
Sensory design Hilary Dalke
Serbia Marko Hoare
Serious case reviews Ray Jones
Siege of Sarajevo Marko Hoare
Simone de Beauvoir Stella Sandford
Skeletal injury Nicola Swann
Slododan Milosevic Marko Hoare
Small business Robert Blackburn
Tim Harries
Small business growth Robert Blackburn
Small business innovation Robert Blackburn
Small business management Robert Blackburn
Smartphones Vesna Brujic-Okretic
Barry Avery
Social care Ray Jones
Social cognition Fatima Felisberti
Social engineering Luke Hebbes
Social housing Yamuna D Kaluarachchi
Social media Adam Westbrook
Luke Hebbes
Social norm approach Tim Harries
Social services Ray Jones
Social work Hilary Tompsett
Ray Jones
Social work education Hilary Tompsett
Sociology Rupa Huq
Soil fertility management Frances Harris
Space craft Adam Baker
Space engineering Adam Baker
Space exploration Adam Baker
Space launches Adam Baker
Space missions Adam Baker
Space satellites Adam Baker
Space systems Andrew Curley
Adam Baker
Space technology Adam Baker
Space tourism Adam Baker
SpaceX Adam Baker
Sports injury Hannah Moir
Nicola Swann
Sports psychology Katie Dray
Beth Pummell
Sports science Katie Dray
Hannah Moir
Beth Pummell
James Brouner
Srebrenica Massacre Marko Hoare
Star Wars Will Brooker
Still birth Ana Nikcevic
Stress at work Rachel Lewis
Stress in the work place Rachel Lewis
Strike action Craig Phelan
Strikes Craig Phelan
Stroke Fiona Jones
Nan Greenwood
Stroke rehabilitation Fiona Jones
Nan Greenwood
Structural dynamics of aircraft Peter Barrington
Structural engineering education Costas Georgopoulos
Student grants, loans, funding and bursaries Keith Houghton
Student nurse placement learning Karen Elcock
Suburbia Rupa Huq
Suez War Orna Almog
Super injunctions Brian Cathcart
Survey research Francesca Dall'Olmo Riley
Sustainability Yamuna D Kaluarachchi
Audley Genus
Sustainability behaviour change Audley Genus
Yamuna D Kaluarachchi
Sustainable concrete construction Costas Georgopoulos
Sustainable development Frances Harris
Yamuna D Kaluarachchi
Sustainable refurbishment Yamuna D Kaluarachchi
Swine flu Mark Fielder
Chris Cairns
Teacher motivation Stephanie Morgan
Teacher training Sue Hiley
Technology change Stephanie Morgan
Technology enhanced learning Barry Avery
The Balkans Marko Hoare
The Enlightenment Marisa Linton
The Terror Marisa Linton
Tony Blair Jeremy Nuttall
Trade Unions Craig Phelan
Trade unions in Africa Craig Phelan
Trade unions in America Craig Phelan
Trade unions in Europe Craig Phelan
Trade unions worldwide Craig Phelan
Tweeting Stephanie Morgan
Twentieth Century fiction Anne Rowe
Twitter Adam Westbrook
Type faces Marcus Leis Allion
Typography Marcus Leis Allion
UK Higher Education Policy Steve Woodfield
Robin Middlehurst
UK Politics Rupa Huq
Unemployment rates Engelbert Stockhammer
US political history Craig Phelan
Vaccination decision making Gaelle Vallee-Tourangeau
Vegetation history Martyn Waller
Video analysis Graeme Jones
Video journalism Adam Westbrook
Village war memorials Keith Grieves
Visual impairment/colour contrast Hilary Dalke
Visual neurocognition Fatima Felisberti
Visual surveillance Graeme Jones
Paolo Remagnino
Vulnerable adults Ray Jones
War memorials Keith Grieves
War on Terror Jonathan Gilmore
War writing Maurice Walsh
Weightlessness in space Adam Baker
Wireless sensor networks Christos Politis
Women and work in the 19th and early 20th Centuries Susan Hawkins
Women composers Caroline Potter
Women in engineering Gordana Collier
Women in the 18th Century Marisa Linton
Word-of-mouth marketing Wendy Lomax
Work engagement - well-being Stephanie Morgan
Rachel Lewis
Work motivation Stephanie Morgan
Working life Richard Ennals
World economies Emmanouil Noikokyris
Youth culture Rupa Huq
Zero gravity Adam Baker
Zika Mark Fielder

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