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Nan Greenwood

Senior research fellow, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University and St George's University, London.

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Nan Greenwood is a Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Health, social Care and Education, a partnership between Kingston University and St George's University, London.  She comes from a social science background and her main interests lie in the provision of health services for marginalised groups including minority ethnic groups. Her recent research focuses on the experiences of carers of stroke survivors and in 2012 she received a large NIHR-SSCR grant to investigate satisfaction with social care amongst minority ethnic carers of stroke survivors.

Nan has collaborated with South - Thames Crossroads, a third sector organisation supporting carers in an evaluation of two of their services for carers: a carers' peer mentoring scheme and a respite scheme. She has also evaluated a peer support service for carers of people with dementia.

She has published several reviews of research relating to carers of stroke survivors. She received the Informa Healthcare and "Disability & Rehabilitation" and "Disability & Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology" journals' award for the best review paper published in 2009 for one of these. She reviews for a large number of journals and is currently an associate editor for ISRN Nursing.



Year gained Subject
2010 PhD
1979 MSc, Social Psychology.
1977 BSc, Biology and Psychology.



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Academic Accolades

2009: Nan was awarded "Best review paper published in 2009" by Informa Healthcare and "Disability & Rehabilitation" and "Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology" journals.

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