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Professor Ruth Rettie

Professor of Social Marketing, Faculty of Business and Law, Kingston University.

Professor  Ruth  Rettie Areas of expertise

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Professor Rettie is a social scientist, with interests in behaviour change, sustainable development, social marketing and internet marketing.  Her most recent work explores the impact of feedback on walking.She has an industry background having worked for Cadbury Ltd, General Food Ltd and Unilever, and came to Kingston in 2006. 

She is currently director of the University's Behaviour and Practice Research Group, which works across a range of domains including energy consumption, healthy lifestyles and responses to flood risk. See

Ruth was also the principal investigaor on

This is a major project with collaborators and is investigating whether we can shape individual behaviour by communicating what other people do. The study draws upon research in sociology, social psychology and behavioural economics that leverages people's innate desire to conform to what is perceived as 'normal' behaviour.

She is also involved in SMART Communities which is a major new project investigating whether members of a community can be nudged to deliberately debate, develop and adopt new low energy norms, practices and lifestyles.






Year gained Subject
MBA - Strathclyde University.
BLitt, BPhil Philosophy - Oxford University.
PhD in Sociology - University of Surrey.

Career Highlights

Year Position held


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Book Section:

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