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JPY plc enhances web application Threads

EPY plc partners with Kingston University Kingston University is working on a two-year partnership with JPY plc, a company that specialises in workflow software, particularly in creative industries which need to move high volumes of data at high speed.

End users and customers include the government, BBC and ITV, and several national newspapers.

Project summary

Dr James Denholm Price and Dr Gordon Hunter from the School of Mathematics are working with JPY and Kingston University graduate Thomas Michel who has a Masters in Software Engineering, on enhancing a new commercial web application called Threads.

Threads lets companies share, store and search their digital messages (including email, phone calls and social media) and is useful in large projects that involve many partners who are all using diverse forms of communication. At present Threads can replay, but not search, audio.

This project will apply digital speech processing to audio conversations to extract information which is normally lost after the call. This would put JPY at a unique advantage, as few companies have been able to incorporate this technology into their products.

Indeed, few individuals outside of academia have sufficient knowledge of the current state-of-the-art in speech recognition, making Kingston University's expertise an invaluable resource.

The challenge

This KTP is expected to increase JPY's turnover, profitability and marketability and increase the likelihood of further projects and collaborations with Kingston University.

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