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Dr Tushna Vandrevala

Senior Lecturer


I am a Health Psychologist and my current research focuses on (1) Health Promotion and risk prevention in "hard to reach" populations. Within this stream I have conducted studies on screening behaviours in ethnic groups and risk prevention in pregnant women. (2) Professional quality of life in social and domiciliary care workforce working up to the end of life: specifically investigating the burden on caring and how professionals working with patients with dementia deal with challenging and distressing behaviours. 

My expertise lies in conducting applied health research, developing and evaluating outreach educational interventions with real world relevance. I have received funding from the National Institute of Health Research, Dunhill Medical Trust and various government agencies.

Areas of specialism

  • Health Psychologist
  • Screening and minority groups
  • Social Care
  • Health interventions
  • Evaluating interventions


  • BA (Psychology), University of Mumbai, India.
  • MSc Health Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Surrey, UK
  • PhD in Health Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Surrey, UK.

Professional membership

Chartered membership (CPsychol) Division of Health Psychology

Full Member of the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS)

Full Member of the British Society of Gerontology (BSG)


Current Grants:

2015-2018: Reducing Acquisition ofCytomegalovirus (CMV) through antenatal Education: A feasibility study to assess an educational intervention to prevent cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy. National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)

2014-2017: Developing and testing an educational intervention to improve uptake of Hepatitis B and C testing in South Asians. National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) 

2016-2017: The experiences of the Adult domiciliary home care workforce in providing care up to the end of life for older people. Dunhill Medical Trust. 

PhD supervision:

I am currently (co-)supervising:

I-ling Yeh: Profesisonal Quality of Life in care home staff working upto the end of life.


Number of items: 31.


Vandrevala, T., Chrysanthaki, T. and Ogundipe, E (2017) "Behind closed doors with open minds?" : a qualitative study exploring nursing home staff's narratives towards their roles and duties within the context of sexuality in dementia. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 74, pp. 112-119. ISSN (print) 0020-7489

D'astous, Valerie, Abrams, Ruth, Vandrevala, Tushna, Samsi, Kritika and Manthorpe, Jill (2017) Gaps in understanding the experiences of homecare workers providing care for people with dementia upto the end of life : a systematic review. Dementia, ISSN (print) 1471-3012 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Vandrevala, Tushna, Pavey, Louisa, Chelidoni, Olga, Chang, Nai-Feng, Creagh-Brown, Ben and Cox, Anna (2017) Psychological rumination and recovery from work in Intensive Care Professionals : associations with stress, burnout, depression, and health. Journal of Intensive Care, 5(16), ISSN (online) 2052-0492

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King, W., Teare, J., Vandrevala, T., Cartwright, S., Mohammed, K. B. and Patel, B. (2016) Evaluation of a novel Surgicric® cricothyroidotomy device for emergency tracheal access in a porcine model. Anaesthesia, 71(2), pp. 177-184. ISSN (print) 0003-2409

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Ravndal, Caroline and Vandrevala, Tushna (2016) Preemptive local anaesthetic in gynecological laparoscopy and postoperative movement evoked pain : a randomised trial. Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, 23(5), pp. 775-780. ISSN (print) 1553-4650

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Straughan, A., Kneebone, I., Vetere, A. and Vandrevala, T. (2010) The Psychology of Later Life module at the University of Surrey: to what extent does it adhere to PSIGE recommended syllabus content? PSIGE Newsletter(111), pp. 13-17. ISSN (print) 1360-3671

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Conference or Workshop Item

Vandrevala, T. (2006) Role of religion in advance care planning: a focus group study. In: 36th International Symposium of the European Behavioural and Social Science Research Section of the IAG; 20-22 Oct 2006, Galway, Ireland. (Unpublished)

Vandrevala, T., Hampson, S.E., Arber, S. and Daly, T. (2004) Leaving the decision to the family: older people and their confidant's views on resuscitation. In: British Society of Gerontology 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting: 'Challenging Perceptions of Later Life'; 9-11 Sep 2004, Roehampton, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Arber, S., Daly, T., Vandrevala, T. and Hampson, S. (2004) Older people's attitudes towards life prolongation: understanding gender and class differences. In: RC11 'Sociology of Aging' Inter-Congress Conference: Ageing Societies and Ageing Sociology: Diversity and Change in a Global World; 7-9 Sep 2004, Roehampton, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Vandrevala, T. and Hampson, S.E. (2003) An interpretative phenomenological analysis of older people's perspectives and attitudes towards resuscitation orders. In: 17th European Health Psychology Conference; 24-27 Sep 2003, Kos, Greece. (Unpublished)

Vandrevala, T. and Hampson, S.E. (2002) Breaking the death taboo: older people's intention to discuss end-of-life issues. In: 16th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society; 2-5 Oct 2002, Lisbon, Portugal. (Unpublished)

Vandrevala, T. and Hampson, S. (2002) Older people and decision making in the final stages of life: a developing empirical model. In: British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference; 4-6 Sep 2002, Sheffield, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Vandrevala, T. and Hampson, S.E. (2001) Application and extension of the Theory of Planned Behaviour to older people's intention to discus end-of-life issues. In: Joint Conference between the British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology and the European Health Psychology Society; 4-7 Sep 2001, St Andrews, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Lang, B., Delmonte, E. and Vandrevala, T. (2010) Development and evaluation of the work-related road safety CD-ROM. (Project Report) Bracknell, U.K. : Transport Research Laboratory. 204 p. (TRL Published Project Report, no. PPR346) ISBN 9781846088766

Lang, B., Vandrevala, T. and McWhirter, J. (2010) Development of a discussion based intervention for learner drivers. (Project Report) Bracknell, U.K. : Transport Research Laboratory. 132 p. (TRL Published Project Report, no. PPR454) ISBN 9781846089428

Helman, S., Vandrevala, T. and Hutchins, R. (2010) From taking direction to taking control: Research report 1 - Feasibility of introducing a situational judgement and independent driving test element into the driver training and on road assessment protocol. (Project Report) Nottingham, U.K. : Driving Standards Agency. 106 p.

Vandrevala, T., Helman, S., Turner, C. and Stone, B. (2010) Medication and road safety: a scoping study. (Project Report) London, U.K. : Department for Transport. 71 p. (Road Safety Research Report, no. 116) ISBN 9781848640818

Helman, S., Vandrevala, T. and Hutchins, R. (2010) On the road to independence: Research report 2 - The feasibility of introducing independent driving into the GB driving test: phase 2 final report. (Project Report) Nottingham, U.K. : Driving Standards Agency. 65 p.

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