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Professor Costas Georgopoulos

Chair in Structural Engineering Practice & School Head of the Department of Civil Engineering


I am an academically and professionally qualified performance-driven Senior Academic & Chartered Civil Structural Engineer with many years unique multi-sector national / international, technical / managerial & industrial / academic experience comprising HEIs (Edinburgh Napier University, University of Portsmouth, Kingston University), Consulting Engineering (Greece, Nigeria, UK incl. Scotland) and Trade Organizations (The Concrete Centre UK, Greek Association of  Insurers); leading Professional Practice, Teaching & Learning and Research in Civil Structural Engineering with an outstanding track record of success and proven ability to achieve and exceed goals in high pressure environments.

Since I joined Kingston University (2009), I developed and directed the research-informed practice-based flagship MSc Structural Design and Construction Management (2011); earned the Chair in Structural Engineering Practice (2013); published a book by Wiley (2014); led the School's successful PSRB accreditation by the Joint Board of Moderators (2014-19); delivered a successful CPD on Seismic Design to EC8 (2015); Head of the Department of Civil Engineering (2015 to date). 

Areas of specialism

  • Structural Engineering
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Advanced Concrete Design
  • Seismic Design to Eurocode 8
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Teaching Conceptual Design
  • Concrete Design to Eurocode 2
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Sustainable Concrete Solutions

Media enquiries

Journalists who would like to arrange interviews with the University's academic experts should contact the Communications team.


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Methods at Tertiary Level Education (1yr PT), Napier University, Edinburgh (1994)
  • MSc Structural Engineering (1yr FT), Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh (1987)
  • 1st Class Honours Degree in Civil Engineering major in Structural Engineering (5yrs FT), National Technical University of Athens (1979)

Professional membership

Elected       Member of the Council of the Institution of Structural Engineers; 1000+ votes (2012 - 2014)

FCS            Fellow of the Concrete Society (2010)

Elected       IStructE Southern Branch (2009 - Committee Member since 2007)

Prof            Visiting Professor, School of Engineering and Design at Brunel University (2009 - to date)

Prof            Visiting Professor (honorary) to the Faculty of Engineering, Kingston University (2008-09)

FIStructE    Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers (2007 - Member since 1988)

FICE           Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (2007 - Member since 1993)

SCE            Supervising Civil (& Structural) Engineer, JBM (2004)

WES           Member of the Wind Engineering Society, UK (2001)

SECED        Member of Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics, UK (2001)

EEFIT          Member of the Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team, UK (2001) and in Management Committee (2003-06)

FHEA          Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2001)

Eur Ing       Member of the European Federation of National Associations (1995)


Selected Publications

  • Georgopoulos C. (2019), Design Guide with Examples to Eurocode 8, book for practitioners / academics / students, the Institution of Structural Engineers (in progress 2017-2019)

  • Georgopoulos C. (2017) Essential Knowledge Text on Stress and Strain, book for students and academics, the Institution of Structural Engineers (in progress 2015-17)

  • Georgopoulos C., Minson A (2017), Sustainable Concrete Solutions in the UK, review paper, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 'Construction Materials' Journal. (abstract accepted)

  • Georgopoulos C., Minson A. (2014), Sustainable Concrete Solutions, book for students, academics and practitioners, Wiley Blackwell, Publishers, UK. ISBN: 978-1-119-96864-1, 256pp.

  • Damdelen O., Georgopoulos C., Limbachiya M. (2014), Measuring thermal mass in sustainable concrete mixes, Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, USA, Feb 2014, Volume 8, No 2, ISSN 1934-7359, pp. 2013-220

  • Glass B. A., Dyer T., Georgopoulos C., Goodier C., Paine K., Parry T., Baumann H., Gluch P. (2013) Future use of life-cycle assessment (LCA) in civil engineering, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 'Construction Materials' Journal, May 2013, Volume 166, Issue 4, pp. 204-212.

  • Georgopoulos C. (2013), The challenge of learning conceptual design of sustainable concrete-framed buildings at universities, Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Concrete Sustainability, Tokyo, Japan, 27-29 May 2013.

  • Bostanci C. S., Limbachiya M., Georgopoulos C. (2013) Contribution of composite cements in reducing embodied CO2, Proceedings of International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials & Technologies, Kyoto, Japan, 18-21 August 2013.

  • Georgopoulos C. (2011), "Concrete research in support of the next Eurocode 2", the Structural Engineer, Journal of IStructE, 1 February 2011, Volume 89, Number 3, pp. 16-18.

  • Georgopoulos C. (2008), "Supporting research and teaching of concrete in the UK", the Structural Engineer, Journal of IStructE, 1 April 2008, Volume 86, Number 7, pp. 41-44.

  • Georgopoulos C. (2007), "Concrete research is needs driven", the Structural Engineer, Journal of IStructE, 4 December 2007, Volume 85, Number 23/24, pp. 24-26.

  • Georgopoulos C. (2007), "Concrete takes the lead in sustainable construction", Civil Engineering Journal, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, May 2007, Volume 160, p. 53.

  • Georgopoulos C. (2005), "Teaching Structural Design: the WINDS experience", the 8th UNESCO Int. Conference on Engineering Education, Kingston, Jamaica, 7-11 February 2005, pp. 337-341.

  • Georgopoulos C. (2004), "Chapter 8 - Extracts from Eurocode 8: Design of structures for earthquake resistance", PP 1990: Guide to the Structural Eurocodes for students of structural design, British Standards Institution, ISBN O 580 4375 X, pp.8-1 to 8-47.

  • Georgopoulos C., Lee B. (2003), "Windstorm Vulnerability Assessment of Tiled Roofs in the UK using a Damage Function based on Structural Reliability Analysis", the 11th International Conference on Wind Engineering, Lubbock, Texas, USA, 2-5 June, pp. 1503 -1510.


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