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Frequently-asked questions about campus development

Campus development FAQs

What is the campus development plan?

The campus development plan sets out the University's aspirational long-term plans, over the next ten years, to create a world class Civic University at the heart of Kingston, which will enhance the experience for students, staff, visitors and the wider community, and integrate seamlessly with the rest of the borough.  

Why is the work being undertaken?

We are committed to investing in facilities which provide innovative and flexible space, designed to develop student potential and deliver new and collaborative ways of learning, teaching and working. Increasing our status as a distinctive University, recognised internationally for excellence and academic success. Our plan is designed to meet the University's immediate needs while providing a framework for the future, improving the campus environment with stunning new contemporary spaces.

What is being planned?

A range of improvements are being considered across the Kingston estate and portfolio of buildings, in line with the University's academic objectives and strategy for the future. Some of the plans are in consideration at this point and options being discussed. Full details will be disclosed internally and on the Kingston University website once plans are confirmed. Read below for further information.  

Why is this work so important to the local borough of Kingston upon Thames?

Our role in the wider Kingston community is vitally important. A report published by BiGGAR Economics shows that Kingston University contributes more than £2.5 million to the national economy every day. We make a substantial local economic contribution with an annual Gross Added Value of £221.1 million (the measure of the value of goods and services produced in an area). We're also one of Kingston's major employers, providing 3,800* jobs. Our vision for Kingston University will continue to be delivered by engaging, not only with students and staff, but also residents and the local community. We aim to be considerate neighbours, engaging with local residents and bringing benefits to the local community.

What about the environmental impact of the campus development work?

We're committed to environmental excellence and will uphold those principles during estate development by:

  • Minimising environmental impact through enhanced energy efficiency
  • Integrating sustainable initiatives as part of our estate plans
  • Designing spaces which protect and enhance our local biodiversity, providing access to wildlife and green space
  • Delivering our estate improvements in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible

How will the development improve facilities for students?

The University continues to invest in the development across each campus to ensure it offers the best possible learning and teaching environment for students and staff. Our aim is to ensure the campus offers a modern, fit-for-purpose, digitally enabled environment that benefits students, both now and in the future.  

When will work finish?

Each individual project has its own timeline for construction. You can find out about some of our current projects on our website.  

With the current work planned across the estate, does that mean that students will be studying in a construction site?

Construction works will be undertaken with a view to minimising disruption within sectioned areas of the campus. Work will be contained behind hoardings to keep disruption to a minimum.  

How will students be affected by the building works?

Programmes of work are scheduled around the academic calendar to minimise disruption; for example, no noisy works will be carried out during the examination periods. We are also committed to ensuring adequate pedestrian routes are provided and will provide warning of any major works which may impact users of the campus.  

How are current students affected by all of the building works? 

All our construction projects are planned to ensure minimal impact on the rest of the University. Programmes of works are scheduled around the academic calendar to minimise disruption, for example, no noisy works are carried out during the examinations periods. We also ensure alternative pedestrian routes are provided and give advance warning of any major works which may impact users of the campus.  

Will the work affect my studies?

Work will be planned to have as little impact on the day-to-day activities of the campus as possible. Smaller projects will be scheduled to take place during off-peak times, such as outside of academic terms, but larger, more complex projects may continue during term time. Construction teams will be required to be as considerate of campus users and our neighbours as possible, however, this will be a delicate balance between getting the work finished so that students and staff can use the new facilities and ensuring normal, day-to-day activities can continue.  

Has there been stakeholder consultation for the projects?

Yes, after extensive consultation, we've used stakeholder feedback to inform our project designs. Full consultation information is available on request.  

Where can I find the consultation information and planning application?

Details of planning applications can be found on Kingston Council's website.

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