Strategic Review and Financial Statements

The reported operational deficit of £1.9m is stated after pension adjustments totalling £2.8m and restructuring costs of £0.6m, therefore resulting in an underlying surplus of £1.5m (2021/22 £9m). The University's capital investment for the year was £15m and loan repayments amounted to £1.7m.

This overall performance reflects a positive operational result which has included a significant increase in investment income of £4.3m due to the increase in interest rates and a modest increase in tuition fees of £1.8m. Operational costs have increased to £81.8m from £75.9m in 2021-22 which is largely due to payments to our halls provider and is matched by residential income.

The cash generated from operating activities totalled £10.1m, and a cash balance at the end of the year of £126.3m which ensures that the University can continue to invest in its Town House Strategy which will transform students' education through the embedding of future skills, and to invest in the future infrastructure of the University.