Apply for a work permit

Who needs a work permit?

Read the scope of contractor's work guide to check whether the work you are undertaking requires a work permit.

How to obtain a work permit

1. Starting in 2021, if the company has not worked with the University before they will need to be added to the permit to work manager system by the permit to work officer. You will need to contact the permit office asking to be registered to the system – via this email: –  asking to register you company and they will email you all the information they need.

2. Once registration is complete, you will receive two emails with your company login details and the weblink to the permit to work platform.

3. Before submitting the permit application, all the staff involved in works on site must complete the KU contractor safety induction, which can be accessed through the KU Induction Training platform. Only the User I.D. is needed from the login details to continue with induction.

4. Once all the inductions are finalised, log in to the submit to works website and upload a copy of the mandatory documents under the workers' names. The mandatory documents are:

5. With all the documents uploaded, the permit to work application process can begin. Make sure the Risk Assessment and the Method Statement are approved by the Project Manager before submission. Both documents must be signed, up to date and related to the works planned. The submission needs to be done 48 hours (Monday-Friday) before starting any work.

Do not start work until you have had your permit to work authorised and issued.

Your permit to work will be issued as an electronic copy.

Any problems with the submission, email the permit to work office Allow 48 hours for email responses (Monday to Friday).

Who needs a work permit?

What will happen next?

The permit submission is reviewed within 48 hours, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank holidays. If no additional information is required, then you shall receive the permit within 48 hours after getting approval from the ‘Responsible Person' (Kingston University Contact/Project Manager).

If there are documents or information missing, you will receive an email informing you of those, asking you to update the records of your permit submission.

If you are unable to submit your permit requirements online, please contact the permit office via Please allow 48 hours for email responses (Monday to Friday).


If a contractor requires a sub-contractor to be added to their permit(s), you will need to notify the permit to work office so they can check if the sub-contractor is registered to the permit system.

If they are not registered, email requesting to add a sub-contractor(s), with the following information:

  • Name of sub-contractor company.
  • A copy of your public and employer liability insurance.
  • A signed copy of pages 28-29 of the Contractors and Sub-contractors Policy.
  • The project they will be working on.
  • A list of operatives that will be working on site.

If they are registered, only inductions will need to be completed to be added to the permit(s).

The permit office will inform you once the sub-contractor has been processed, the sub-contractor will then appear on your online application form, and you can then add them to your permit submission.

Example reasons why a contractor may be asked to leave site or have a permit cancelled

  1. Not having a permit.
  2. Incorrect details on the permit i.e., location/date.
  3. Incorrect names of workers, ID may be asked for.
  4. Unsafe working environment.
  5. Unsafe working equipment.
  6. Not working to safe system of work agreed on permit.
  7. Any breach of health and safety legislation or University policy Inappropriate or unsafe behaviour.
  8. The Responsible Person does not approve the work.
Example reasons why a contractor may be asked to leave site or have a permit cancelled

When and how can permits be collected/returned?

A copy of the Permit to Work will be e-mailed to the person who submitted the application.

YOU MUST either print a hard copy of the permit or have a digital copy on your phone/tablet/laptop. The supervisor of the works must keep this on their person whist on site for inspection.

Unreturned and emergency permits

Unreturned permits

All permits must be returned signed to close the job. If the permit is not returned an email will be sent to the contractor requesting its return. If the permit is not returned within 24 hours of the permit expiry (48 hours for weekend permits) it will be recorded as unreturned.

Emergency permits

Please contact the permit office for emergency permits or collecting permits out of hours after 5:00 (excluding Weekends, Bank Holidays).

Contacting the Permit Office

Permits to Work Officer
Kingston University Service Company Ltd. (KUSCO)
Extension: 65148
Direct Line: 0208 417 5148

Please allow 48hrs for response.