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Paying your rent

How do I pay the booking fee?

If you choose a room in halls, you must pay a booking fee of £300 and  accepting the Halls of Residence Licence to Occupy Terms and Conditions 2017/18 in order to secure your room. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of the licence and pay the booking fee, the booking may be cancelled and the room made available to another student.

The booking fee is held as a pre-payment against the final instalment of your hall fees.

How do I pay the hall fees

Payment in full - hall rents are due in full in October 2017. Payment can be made online by credit/debit card, or electronic transfer into Kingston University's bank account. Please read the University's Money Matters booklets for full details:

Payment by instalment - alternatively you can pay in three or five instalments by direct debit via a UK bank account as outlined in Schedule 2 of the Halls of Residence Licence to Occupy Terms and Conditions 2017/18:

Schedule 2. Halls fees payment plan

  1.  Halls Fees are payable in full on receipt of invoice or by instalments by Direct Debit from a UK Bank Account.
  2. A Direct Debit must be set up via the e-payment website at a minimum of fourteen days prior to the collection of the first instalment.
  3. If a Direct Debit is not set up in time for the collection, the student is responsible for making payment via another method by the instalment due date in order to avoid debt recovery action being taken by the University.
  4. If the move-in date listed on your Term Sheet is after the first instalment date of the standard Licence period you must pay the amount of Halls Fees due between the move-in date and the next instalment date immediately, in addition to the £300 Booking Fee. If you wish to pay the remaining Halls Fees in instalments you must set up a Direct Debit via the e-payment website at a minimum of fourteen days prior to the collection of the next instalment.
  5. The University's Halls Fees instalment plan, with number of weeks' rent for each instalment, is as follows:
Undergraduate students
Standard licence length (40 weeks)
Business School students
(44 weeks)
Nursing students
(48 weeks)
Instalment 1:
19 October 2017
16 weeks 16 weeks 16 weeks
Instalment 2:
19 January 2018
16 weeks 16 weeks 16 weeks
Instalment 3:
13 April 2018
8 weeks
(minus £300 Booking Fee)
12 weeks
(minus £300 Booking Fee)
16 weeks
(minus £300 Booking Fee)
Postgraduate students Standard Licence Length (50 weeks)
Instalment 1: 19 October 2017 10 weeks
Instalment 2: 19 January 2018 10 weeks
Instalment 3: 16 March 2018 10 weeks
Instalment 4: 13 April 2018 10 weeks
Instalment 5: 15 June 2018 10 weeks (minus £300 Booking Fee)

Please see our guide to setting up a direct debit instruction (PDF).

If you are from the USA and will be fully funding your studies with Federal Student Loans, please do not complete a Direct Debit form as your hall fees will be deducted from your loans.

I am an international student and I do not have a UK bank account. Can I still pay by instalment? You will need to set up a direct debit in order to pay by instalments, having set up a UK bank account. Alternatively you would have to pay in full in advance.

Please contact the Finance Income and Receivables Team on +(44)(0) 20 8328 7005 if you need any help.

How do I set up a Direct Debit?

A Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay your rent. The free service enables us to collect payments from your account automatically on the instalment dates. Please note you cannot pay your £300 booking fee by Direct Debit. This must be paid separately by debit or credit card when booking your rooom.

A Direct Debit can only be collected from a UK bank or building society. Some accounts do not have a Direct Debit facility, so please check with your bank or building society.

Remember: There must be enough money in your account to meet the payment at the time it is collected otherwise your bank may make a charge to your account for each default. If you cancel your direct debit with your bank or the University, you forfeit the choice to pay by instalment and your full outstanding fee will become payable immediately. The only instalment plan is the direct debit. If you do not have a direct debit in place you will be required to pay the years' accommodation fees in full by 19 October 2017.

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