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Additional achievements on the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

This page lists the valid additional achievement and activity types, along with the department in the University who can verify it to appear in section 6.1 of the HEAR.

University activityVerification department
Academic and professional collaborations Access, Participation and Inclusion/ Faculties
Careers and Employability events Careers and Employability
Course representation Student Voice
Enterprise activity Enterprise Education
Kingston Award Kingston Award
Kingston Language Scheme Kingston Language Scheme
Placement activity outside your course (including study abroad and internal internships) Careers/ Study Abroad / Faculties
QA & QE activity (panel members) Academic Registry
Society membership Union of Kingston Students
Sports and recreation Union of Kingston Students/ Student Health and Wellbeing
Student ambassadorship Student Employment
Union of Kingston Students activity Union of Kingston Students
Volunteering Union of Kingston Students/ Kingston Hub

Please use the enquiry form if you wish to add or remove an achievement or activity currently showing in Gradintelligence from Section 6.1 of your HEAR. Only the achievement and activity types listed above can be included.

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