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Key information about certificates, award documents and verifications

In order that your request is dealt with efficiently, please read the information on this page carefully.

Graduates who have never received a certificate

  • I am completing my studies this year, but will not be attending my graduation ceremony. How can I receive my certificate?
  • If you are not planning to attend your ceremony and once you have received your invitation email:

    1. Go onto OSIS
    2. Click on 'Your Graduation' to confirm you are not attending
    3. Enter the address you want your certificate sent to

    The option 'Your Graduation' is only available for a couple of months prior to your ceremony date. See the graduation information for more information.

    Please note: this does not apply to students from the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education – see the Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education section for more information.

  • I completed my studies this year, but did not attend my graduation ceremony. How can I receive my certificate?
  • If you logged into OSIS and told us you weren't attending, we will contact you after the ceremonies have taken place to organise posting your certificate.

    Please note: this does not apply to students who studied before 2022 from the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education – see the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education section for more information.

  • I completed my studies before 2016 but never received my certificate. How can I get it?
  • If you completed your studies within the last five years, did not attend your ceremony and have not received your certificate, please complete our online form.

    If it's been more than five years since you completed your studies, you will need to purchase replacement documents

    Please note: this does not apply to students who studied before 2022 from the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education – see the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education section for more information.

  • Can I get my degree certificate before the ceremony?
  • If your graduation ceremony is taking place within two months of your award date, then no.

    If your graduation ceremony is taking place more than two months after your award date, you can request your certificate by completing our online form. Please note that if you receive your certificate before your ceremony, you will not receive another one during the ceremony.

    Please note: this does not apply to students who studied before 2022 from the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education – see the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education section for more information.

  • I've received my certificate in advance of my ceremony. Can I still attend a ceremony and do I need to bring the certificate with me?
  • Yes, you can still attend a ceremony and you don't need to bring your certificate with you. This won't affect your experience on the day as certificates are issued off-stage.

Replacing a certificate

  • I have lost my certificate. How can I get a replacement?
  • If your original certificate has been lost or destroyed, please purchase a replacement online.

    Replacements have the same status as the original. However, as they're produced in our current format, they may not look the same as original. The University reserves the right not to issue a replacement.

  • I already have a certificate, can I get another one?
  • You are entitled to one certificate only. There can only be one original certificate in existence at any one time.

  • What is the difference between a certified copy of a certificate and a replacement certificate?
  • Certified copy certificates overprinted with a statement to say they are a true copy of the original. They are signed, dated and stamped.

    Replacement certificates do not have an overprinted statement.

Diploma supplements

  • What is the difference between a diploma supplement, a transcript and a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)?
  • A diploma supplement and a transcript are the same thing; at Kingston University we refer to it as a diploma supplement. A diploma supplement is a breakdown of your module grades. We no longer provide hard copy diploma supplements for graduates from 2014 onwards (see table below).

    A Higher Education Achievement Report (or HEAR), is an electronic version that replaces the printed diploma supplement. It includes additional information about your extra-curricular activities. It's available to graduates who completed their studies at Kingston University after 1 April 2014. Find out more.

  • I want a document to show my module data. What am I eligible for?
  • This depends on when you completed your studies:

    When you completed your studiesThe type of diploma supplement available to you
    Before 30 June 2003 Your diploma supplement is not available, as we do not have module data
    1 July 2003 – 31 March 2014 Diploma supplement with module grades
    1 April 2014 onwards A Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

  • Module grades are not available for me. Can I have a letter confirming this?
  • If you graduated after 1992 but before 30 June 2003, we can supply a verification of award letter to confirm your studies and state that module grades are no longer available – order this letter online.

Other documents

  • What is a verification of award letter?
  • A verification of award letter confirms:

    • your final award title;
    • your classification;
    • your name whilst studying;
    • the date you achieved your award; and
    • the start and end date of your course.

    It does not include the location of your course and the mode of study.

  • How can I get relevant documents sent to WES (World Education Services)?
  • World Education Services is a credential evaluation service with offices in New York and Canada. Graduates wishing to immigrate to the US or Canada may choose to purchase WES services. You will need to provide your WES Academic Request form and complete "Part A" after you have placed an order.

    • If you graduated between 1 July 2003 and 31 March 2014, then WES requires a certified hard copy diploma supplement to be sent directly to them by Kingston University. Please place an order online.
    • If you graduated from 1 April 2014, then WES will accept your electronic HEAR, which you must release to them yourself. Please place an order online.

    Once you have placed your order and provided your WES Academic Request form, we will process the order and send it to WES directly.

  • How can I get a DOATAP document?
  • A DOATAP document is a digital confirmation of your programme of study, the dates of attendance, award details, and location of studies, as required by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre. Please order a DOATAP letter online (and a diploma supplement if you need one).

    This document is only available to former students applying to the Greek DOATAP authorities to validate their award.

  • Can I get an Apostille Stamp from Kingston University?
  • Apostille (also referred to as Apostille of Hague Accords) is a stamp or adhesive label, signed by the UK Government Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and applied to a signed legal or government document or commercial contract. 

    It is recognised internationally as a means of verifying the authenticity of official documents. The University does not provide an Apostille service, so anyone requiring one should contact the FCO Legalisation Office.

  • I've graduated with a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. How can I get my certificate?
  • How do I get a BTEC/EDEXCEL awards certificate if I graduated before 1994?
  • To order a certificate, please apply directly to the Pearson Qualifications website.

    If your award was post 1994, then we should be able to provide your certificate (except for the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design).

Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education

(courses before 2022)

  • How do I get my certificate?
  • Certificates are provided either by St George's,  University of London or by Kingston University, depending on the course you have studied.

    Please see the list of courses in the next section that we do not provide certificates for. If your course name is not in this list, then your certificate is printed by Kingston University.

    If you have never received your certificate, then you can request it online.

    If you have previously received a certificate, and you want to purchase a new one, please order it online.


  • Which courses are awarded by St George's, University of London?
  • These are the courses that have certificates awarded by St Georges, not Kingston University.

    • Advanced Practice (all routes) (pre-2022)
    • Applied Exercise for Health
    • Biomedical Science (Foundation Degree only)
    • Breast Evaluation (contact St.George's for undergraduate and Kingston University for Postgraduate)
    • Breast Imaging
    • Cancer Care
    • Clinical Research
    • Healthcare Practice (all routes) (pre-2022)
    • Imaging Studies
    • Independent & Supplementary Prescribing
    • Maternal and Child health: Socio-Cultural Perspectives
    • Paramedic Science
    • Physiotherapy
    • Radiation Oncology Studies
    • Radiography (all routes) (contact St.George's for undergraduate certificates and Kingston University for Postgraduate certificates)
    • Rehabilitation Sciences

    If you have studied one of the above courses, please use the contact details in the next section to get information about your certificate.

  • Who do I contact if my course is awarded by St George's, University of London?
  • If your course is in the list above, please contact:

    If you are not sure who will be providing your certificate, please see the list of courses in the section above.

Name changes

  • I am a current student, how will my name appear on my certificate?
  • The name printed on your certificate is the name you registered with when you enrolled at Kingston University (as displayed on OSIS). It is important that you check that this is your full name, as it appears on your passport.

    Students are registered under their forename, middle name(s) (if any) and surname. The name on the certificate will always appear as forename first, followed by middle name(s) (if any) and then surname.

    If you want to change your name whilst you are studying (for example, you got married), you should take your original proof of ID, such as marriage certificate or deed poll, to your faculty student office to get your name changed on the system before your final Programme Assessment Board meets to agree your final classification. Changes will not be permitted after this time unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as gender re-assignment / witness protection or any other exceptional situation where a student may face a risk to their personal safety as a result of reference to their former name.

  • I am a graduate of the university but my name has now changed. Can I have a degree certificate with my new name on it?
  • Your name cannot be changed once your award has been formally agreed by the Programme Assessment Board because the enrolment has ceased and for audit and subsequent confirmation of awards the name on the certificate must match the name the student was enrolled under. However, under exceptional circumstances, such as gender re-assignment or witness protection, the name change may be permitted subject to agreement by the Academic Registrar.

    If you think your name change is exceptional (e.g. witness protection/gender reassignment) then please email and include appropriate documentation to support your request.

    If your name change request is agreed and your certificate has already been produced, you will need to purchase a replacement certificate and return the original certificate.

    If you have changed your name by deed poll or have got married or divorced since graduating, we will not be able to reprint your certificate in your new name. You will be able to use your marriage certificate, divorce paperwork, or deed poll documents as evidence of your official names at the time of your graduation.


  • I still owe money to the University, can I have my certificate?
  • We cannot provide any certificate, diploma supplement or award letter if you have outstanding payments on your account with the University.

  • How can I settle my outstanding debt?
  • Debts can be settled by contacting the Accounts Receivable on +44 (0)20 8417 3333 or by paying online, except for library debts. To settle your library debt please contact the learning resource centres on +44(0)20 8417 3355.

How and when documents will be sent/received

  • I've placed an order/requested my certificate. How long will it take for me to receive it?
  • Requests are usually processed within 15 working days. We recommend that you place your order in plenty of time as urgent requests cannot be prioritised.

    We are particularly busy during the graduation periods (mid-June to July and January). Throughout these periods, it may take longer to process your order.

  • How will my certificate or documents I have ordered be sent?
  • All certificates and documents ordered are posted via Royal Mail recorded delivery to the address you provide.

    A signature will be required on delivery, so if you think you're unlikely to be at your home, please provide an alternative address.

    If there is no one to sign for the package, it will go back to the local sorting office and, eventually, be returned to us. The Post Office should leave you some notification that they tried to deliver a recorded mail item.

    Within the UK: We use Royal Mail recorded delivery and a signature will be required.

    Outside the UK: We use Royal Mail International Tracked and signed delivery. and a signature will be required. We cannot use private couriers, but if you have an appropriate contact in the UK we can send your certificate to, they could make arrangements for a private courier to speed up delivery.

    We recommend using a UK address when possible.

    We are unable to estimate how long items take to be delivered to various destinations. We also can't be responsible for any items that are lost in the mail. If you wish to trace items that have been ordered, we can provide you with the recorded mail item number and you can then trace the item via the Royal Mail website.

  • Can my certificate or replacement document(s) be collected in person?
  • No. We can only send your documents through the post.

  • Can my documents be sent electronically?
  • The HEAR is the only electronic document we provide, all others have to be posted as hard copies.

  • I need a refund. What is the refund policy?
  • If you have ordered documents via our website but no longer require them, you may be entitled to a refund, provided we have not processed your order. You will need to contact us as soon as possible to request a cancellation and refund.

    If your order has already been processed and your refund request reaches us after your documents have been produced, we cannot provide a refund.

    If a refund has been agreed, we will try to credit the card you used for the purchase within two weeks. However, during busy times this may take longer.

Graduates pre-1992

  • I am a graduate of Kingston Polytechnic. What documents are available to me?
  • Kingston University was established on 16 June 1992. Before then, the awarding body for Kingston Polytechnic was the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA). You can order a replacement certificate from CNAA by contacting them directly.

    Details of your module results are not available. This is because there was no requirement for UK Universities to provide students with module results until 2003.

  • I graduated in the 1970s, can I get a certificate?
  • If you graduated in the 1970s, you will have been awarded by the University of London.

    Please call +44 (0)20 7862 8000 and leave a message with your details. If University of London is unable to re-produce a certificate for any reason, they should be able to issue verification.

    For further information visit the University of London website.